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You’re Ramping Up For A New Marketing Push…

Analytic Audits

But You Don’t Have A Clear Idea Of Your Baseline Starting Point

You’re gearing up for major new marketing initiatives, and don’t have clear starting metrics. Without a starting point, you won’t have the whole picture of the success of your marketing campaigns. As it is now, you can spend hours, even days gathering all this information from several different platforms. It’s simply not the best use of your time, and not something you want to do.

What Is An Analytics Audit?

Analytic audits are an overview of all analytics across all your social media platforms and your website. All the data from your platforms is compiled and put it into a spreadsheet that is comprehensive, and easy to read.

Here’s what you will discover from this report.

  • You know where your company and your brand ranks among competitors.

  • You have clear Audience Analytics information, and understand what your target market is saying about your products, company, ads, and competitors.

  • You know the amount of engagement you get on all your platforms.

  • You know exactly how many followers you have on the various platforms.

Getting All That Information Together In One Place Is The Beginning

You Want To Know What It All Means And How To Use It

Once you get all that information in one place, you need to know what it means. More importantly, you want to know how to use it to your advantage. The whole point of getting an audit is the understanding of how to leverage the audit report to grow your business. We provide you with clear ideas and strategic moves you can make.

These Are The Reasons You Would Want The Analytics Audit Package

Here Are The Problems This Package Solves

This package is designed to solve specific problems. These are the kinds of issues that you want to solve when considering this package.

You haven’t paid much attention to your social media/website analytics. You don’t really know how the various platforms are performing. It always seemed like you “have to do” social media, and there simply wasn’t time to figure out if it was actually working for you.

You need to know a starting point, and to develop a social media strategy going forward. It’s time to take your social media more seriously. You’re looking for information, insights, and a strategic approach.

You simply do not understand what your analytics data means for your business. You see the data, but don’t know how to turn it into specific action steps. The data needs interpreting and suggestions for the next steps.

These Are The Solutions This Package Provides

Here’s What You Can Expect To Get

A lot of experience and thought has gone into creating this package. It’s designed to get you specific results. When you invest in this package, here are the outcomes you get.

You have a spreadsheet that lays out your social media/website analytics. You know how the various platforms are performing. We’ve “made the time” for you by auditing all your analytics presenting it in a working format.

You have a clear starting point and the beginnings of a social media strategy. It’s a relief to feel like you’re “on top of” your social media. With the information, insights, and strategic approach you will know what actions to take.

You understand what your analytics data means for your business. With a clear picture of the data, you know how to turn it into specific actions to take. Our interpretations and suggestions make it easy to know what to do next.

Here Are A Few Highlighted Benefits 

We want you to understand what you can expect from this package. These are the benefits you can expect from the Analytics Audit package.


You know what your audience is saying about you and your brand—good and bad. By knowing the good things, you can be confident you’re going in the right direction. By understanding the negative, you can take action to fix the issues.


With clear audit information, you make better decisions on the direction of your brand or company. You can decide your best moves, best platforms, and the best focus of activities based on actual data.


You have a better understanding of your target market. You know whether or not your current market is the one you should continue to target. This allows you to build an improved marketing strategy targeting prospects who are likely to buy from you. You can fine-tune or even discover your niche.


The demographics uncovered in the audit could be used to create custom programs and services. You might even get insights about altering your products and services to better serve your audience’s current needs.


You discover influencers who help promote your brand. An influencer is someone who is talking the most about your brand. They don’t have to be a celebrity or YouTube sensation, although that does help. They can just be the average user who loves your brand and is promoting it.

What You Get In This Package

Cost – $525

Complete audit of your current social media platforms

Spreadsheet presenting all accumulated data

15-minute phone consultation

Google Analytics information:

  • Sources of traffic to your website
  • Keywords that are working for you
  • Demographic information on your audience

Written review of current social media with suggestions on areas to focus, new platforms to utilize, and forms of media to use

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