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Your Brand Is The First Thing People Notice

Branding & Design

Even If They’re Not Fully Aware They Are Seeing A Brand

A brand is made up of visual components such as logo, colors, tagline, and font styles. These components combine in a unique way that subliminally lets a viewer recognize your company. You’re familiar with identifying common companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Walmart, and KFC from their brand alone.

Our Branding Design Packages provide your company with a professional-looking unique brand. By creating a brand for your company, you are essentially developing a recognizable “signature” of your business. The brand then is used throughout all your marketing and sales materials. You’ll use it on your website, on your social media, and on your business cards, stationery, and printed materials.

What you’re going for is brand recognition or brand awareness. You want prospects or customers to easily recognize your business from your brand alone. You want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, and to inspire credibility, familiarity and trust.

We work closely with you to develop your personal or company brand. We offer three tiers of Branding Design packages, and a wide range of add-on items. It should be easy for you to put together exactly the combination that fits your budget and company needs.

If You’re Considering Buying A Branding Design Package…

You’re Probably Trying To Solve Specific Problems For Your Business

Branding is one of those things that a lot of business owners don’t understand very well. It’s hard to measure the results from poor branding, new branding, or amateurish branding. You can see the impact in your bottom line, but it’s not always possible to draw a direct correlation. These are the kinds of problems our Branding Design packages have been designed to solve.

Your branding is “stale” and doesn’t represent the current state of the business. You’ve outgrown the look, or you’re taking the company in a new direction. Your branding looks outdated or even dowdy. It just doesn’t fit any more. You want a fresh new look.

Your company is simply not standing out in any way. The market has gotten so crowded and “noisy” that you just are not getting seen. You can’t seem to get any traction because prospects don’t see you as unique in comparison to your competition.

Your business is preparing for major new positioning. You need to have a complete brand overhaul. You want to “take it to the studs” and completely renovate the brand. You want to launch a new brand when you launch new offerings and new business strategies.

Your “branding” is a mess, with different elements on all your different marketing channels. You’ve got one graphic appearance on your website. Your various social media platforms all have different “looks”. Your newsletter has another different design. None of it matches and none of it looks good.

You did your own branding, but now it’s time to kick it up to the next level. You spent hours and days on it, and struggled to choose colors and fonts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look professional and polished. You aren’t a graphics professional and that shows. You don’t know how to format your work to fit the various platforms. Your brand isn’t a good representation of who you and your company are now.

These Are The Outcomes You Expect To Get

When You Buy A Branding Design Package

Most small businesses see a Branding Design Package as a significant investment. When you’re considering this purchase, you want to know what kind of results you can expect. These are the results our clients get from buying one of these packages.

You have cohesive and comprehensive branding on all channels and platforms. Your website matches your social media platforms. Your newsletter looks like it was sent by the same company as the website. You get that great proud feeling now that everything actually is branded cohesively, and your brand looks good.

You now have professional branding, and it LOOKS LIKE a professional did it. You had a few conversations and interactions with us, and we did the work for you. The formats fit the various platforms correctly. You feel proud when you see the new branding, and your investment solved all the many embarrassments you’d felt before.

Your branding contributes to major new positioning for the business. You’ve gotten your complete brand overhaul, taking the brand “down to the studs”. The renovation reinvigorated your brand and changed how you feel about the business.  The new brand, new offerings, and new business strategy have created your own business “big bang”.

Your company stands out and outshines competitors. Even in the crowded and “noisy” market, you’re getting seen. You have traction because you no longer look anything like your competition. People are remembering who you are and what your brand stands for. They are actively seeking your company out.

Your branding is fresh, and represents the current state and future direction of your business. All your branding across all channels and platforms presents your business as you want it to be seen. Your new direction is reflected in your branding. The best part is that it’s no longer outdated or dowdy!

You Want To Understand The Benefits You Will Get

When You’re Investing In A Brand Design Package

Once you understand the results you get from this package, you want to understand the benefits too. This package has a lot of benefits, some more obvious than others. These are some of the most obvious benefits.

You have a professional-looking brand that presents your business cohesively. You’re proud to show off your new brand and talk about it with your connections and followers. When prospects or clients comment on the new brand, you swell with pride, and enjoy accepting compliments. Suddenly, the change is getting noticed.

You don’t spend weeks or months of your time cobbling together a brand. You spend your time working with clients while we design your brand for you. It feels a little like a makeover where you & your business get to be the object of a transformation. You have experts you can trust that work in a stress-free process.

With our brand packages and add-on services, you can mix and match exactly the brand package you need. You can even start with the basics and add to it later as you see the need. You have a clear strategy in place going forward in launching the new brand. You feel like your brand is “together” when you see how it flows on all platforms and channels. 

When Considering The Right Package

You Need To Have A Clear Idea Of Exactly HOW That Package Works

Our Brand Design Packages come in three tiers, with successively more features in each package. These packages have been designed to be simple and easy to understand. The most important thing for you to realize is how flexible they are. We’ve designed these packages so that—no matter your need—we can satisfy it.

Standard Branding & Logo Design

Standard Branding & Logo Design
  • 15-minute consultation
  • 3 color palettes presented and Mood Board created from choice
  • 3 different logo designs created and submitted with 2 revisions
  • 1 final logo with remaining variations as proof
  • 1 watermark will be created form the final logo design

Tier One is the basic package if you’re just getting started and need a brand.

Premium Branding & Logo Design

Everything in the standard plan PLUS

  • 30 minute consultation
  • Custom Print Design Including business card and stationery design
  • 1 Brochure or flier of services Front and back. 3 different designs will be created for your approval. 
  • 2 Banners Can be used for newsletter or email template or as banners for social media
  • 5 graphic images promoting your new re-branding These will be created from stock images unless you provide the images

Our Tier Two Premium Branding & Logo Design package is for the small business that needs to re-brand.

Advanced Branding & Logo Design

Everything in the Premium Plan PLUS

  • 1 hour consultation
  • 2 – 30 second video of product & services This video will explain what your business is about to your customers
  • Full website & social media analytic analysis  Includes top keywords, demographics, impressions, and traffic driven content.
  • Social Media Strategy A written report on findings, stats for a 60-90 day period, and recommendations on improving social media marketing.
  • 10 graphic images promoting your new re-branding Created from stock images unless images are provided

For the small business that is re-branding & looking for an analysis of online presence, and a strategic plan for future online presence.

Not sure which plan is for you?

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