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You Want To Attract Higher End Clients And Charge More For Your Services


The Key Is To Package Your Services So They Deliver Greater Value

Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to command higher prices for your services? People don’t just pay more because you want to earn more money. They need to believe that they’re getting more value before they will pay more. Typically, working with consultants and coaches, it’s obvious you provide valuable “extras” for clients. Let’s repackage your services and turn those extras into a premium package for your clients. 

Most of us are myopic about the value of our services.  It takes an outside viewpoint to give us that “lightbulb moment” about how skills and expertise could be combined into a premium package. Few writers are skilled in designing and writing a premium package that commands higher prices. It’s a specialty that is difficult to find among writers.

When You Package Your Services For High End Clients…

It’s a Lot Easier To Charge—And Get—Premium Prices

Without premium packages for high end clients, you constantly scramble for new business. It’s smarter to instead spend that time performing with clients and getting paid for services delivered. Without premium packages of services, you likely are experiencing these kinds of problems:

You can’t figure out how to package your services so that clients are willing to pay more. “When you don’t know how to package your services, you just suffer along, not able to increase your prices. Without justification, your clients balk at higher prices. Maybe you’ve even tried to assemble a package, but you just weren’t able to justify higher prices.


Your talent and services should command much more money than you’re making.You aren’t able to get a steady revenue flow. The business doesn’t gain traction or develop momentum. What you do know though is that your talent and the value you deliver should be better compensated.

You’re limited to short client engagements that are not as profitable as they could be. Without proper packaging, you’re not attracting high-end clients. You don’t have anything to offer them that makes them want to purchase. You find that short-term clients simply are not profitable.

Your business doesn’t stand out, so you struggle and fight for new business. Without high-dollar packages to sell, you just seem like every other “ordinary” service provider with comparable skills. You can’t promise specific results, so there’s not a big reason to choose you over competitors.

You are not positioned to work with clients who are ideal for you. You end up taking any client you can get. Some aren’t optimal to work with because their business isn’t strong. Such clients have unrealistic and “magical” expectations and are often predictably disappointed. When you can’t be selective about clients, you’re going to struggle.

When You Sell High-End Packages of Services

The Revenue Potential Is Substantially Greater

Selling premium programs gives you a whole new business. It’s a lot easier to get revenue traction from bigger orders. You have fewer, more committed clients—who get better results. You’re seen as an expert with higher credibility. Here’s what you can expect when you create premium packages designed to attract higher-end clients.

You’re working with an upgraded target market and attract ideal clients. It’s a whole different business to be able to be selective about who you work with. Your business is in a stronger position. It’s a major shift for your business.

Your services stand out among the competition & it’s easier to win new business. High-end prospects see your services as unique, clients are thrilled with the results while delivering exceptional value.  They want more from you.

Longer, more committed engagements increase your business revenue. Because clients get so much more value from your services, they work with you longer. You need fewer clients and do less marketing—while being more profitable.

It’s easy to package your services and charge more money because you have an objective outside viewpoint. You enthusiastically promote your new offering and feel confident in the value. It’s a lot easier to sell the higher-priced package than you had expected. Your only regret is that you wish you’d done it sooner.

You feel a lot of satisfaction finally making the money your talent and services deserve. You charge double, triple, quadruple, or 10X what you used to charge. You’re developing momentum at the new pricing level. The best part is that your clients LOVE the packages because they get the results they want. They don’t balk at the price you set.

You Can Raise Your Prices

When You Increase The Value Of Your Services

It’s not obvious how to package services for higher-end clients. You don’t just raise the prices—you have to increase value to increase prices. It’s hard to look at our skills and know-how to combine them into a package. Even when we can do that, we don’t always understand how to design a package to capture a market.

If you’re not combining the whole range of your skills into a premium package, you may be missing out. Your unique skill combinations may help you command a niche. Don’t try to package your services for high-end clients on your own.

How Premium Packages Works

First You Buy the Service

You pay for the service, and the process starts immediately. Once you’ve purchased, this is what you can expect.

Step One—First Phone Session

We set up our first phone appointment and get right to work. We brainstorm possible high-end packages. We layout your target market, skills, and how to add more value to what you’re doing now. I’m a coach and using coaching-type questions we uncover all kinds of great ideas.

After the call, I draft up our initial ideas. Typically, I write the preliminary “outlines” of a package. Writing always gives me additional ideas and I write those up. I send you the draft to review.

Step Two—We Have Our Next Phone Call

We keep working on the phone to flesh out the package of your services. Our ideas get better and better as we work. The package takes shape. You get new ideas about how to deliver specific outcomes to clients. We work together to tweak the details. I guide you through the steps and stages of how you structure your package of services.

After the session, I continue to draft up and flesh out your new program. At this point, we’re getting a pretty solid program. I send the draft to you for review and input.

Step Three—Third  Phone Session (May Not Be Needed)

If we need this session, it’s about the outcomes and benefits of your program. I ask you questions and together we come up with the content. We talk about the kinds of results and benefits clients will get from your package. When the draft is finished, you review it. 

Step Four—If Needed, Short Phone Conversation To Finalize Your Package

We may have another conversation for final edits to your package. Some clients like to use Track Changes in Word instead of having a conversation. That is certainly your choice. Shortly afterward, all edits are finalized and the final copy is ready to send to your web designer.

Here’s What You Get When We’re Creating High-End Packages

You Get This…

Approximately Ten Hours Of My Time

  • Interviews
  • Coaching
  • Strategizing
  • Writing

Plus, You Also Get This…

Strategic Coaching

I coach you to put together a package based on a strategy. The package is designed to bring your new clients and address new markets.

A Partner To Help You Create A Package

You don’t have to work alone to figure all the steps, outcomes, and benefits of your program. Working together, it’s faster and easier to do. You get the benefit of my expertise in shaping a value-packed service. You get help in structuring the package.

Immediate Marketing Feedback

You get input from a marketing professional to assess your ideas. You get immediate honest, reality-based feedback. As we build the package, you can start to sell it to your clients.

A Complete and Detailed Package Of Services

When the package is finished, you should be able to charge a multiple of your typical fees. Because the package delivers specified outcomes, it’s also easier to sell.

Don’t Waste Your Time Struggling To Sell Your Services…

Get Started Now To Create A Premium Package!

You’re ready to go and don’t want to waste any more time struggling.