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Digital Media Packages

That Gets Your Messaging Out Or Event Noticed

Want to get YOUR message out or event noticed? Looking for something different that will stand out? This media package may be exactly what you need. It’s a unique package that you won’t find elsewhere. No commitment (unless you want one) all the digital media packages can be a stand-alone package or you can opt to take a monthly package to enhance your presence on social media, on your website, in blogs, or get the attention of the right people for your event! You don’t have to own a business for one of these packages this package is for everyone.

How You Would Use This Package

This Package Is Designed To Be Flexible and Inject Variety Into Your Social Media or Event Launch

We offer this unique package to spice up your social media. There are many ways you could use it. The only limit is your imagination. Surprise and delight us with your ideas.

For Business

Add variety to your social messaging. Just using text posts alone, even with accompanying photos, get boring. Use these graphic elements to add interest to your social feeds.

Highlight your messages using videos. We suggest using videos to emphasize your most important messages. Music, colors, and beautiful images involve multiple senses of the viewer. Make your messages stand out.

Create a campaign to promote a new offering. Put together a whole sequence of video, graphic quotes, and text posts to launch a new product or service. Make the campaign stand out from your everyday social feed.

For Personal

Announce birthdays and birthday celebrations. Use this package to create a birthday sequence. Set up save-the-date announcements and other pre-birthday communications. Send invitations. Celebrate the birthday itself. Share event photos afterward.

Use this package to announce and publicize a wedding. Make sure all your social friends know about the engagement. Use video as wedding invitations. Request RSVPs. Send save-the-date notices. Celebrate the festivities as the day approaches.

Do something different for a baby shower. Set up a sequence that goes from save the date to sharing the celebration. Be creative about the excitement of the birth of a new human. Bring in the cuteness factor big time!

Use your imagination about how this package could be used. Anniversaries, engagements, graduations, buying a new home, moving, promotions—the possibilities are endless. Stretch your imagination. Surprise and delight loved ones.

What You Get In This Package

And It’s a Lot!

Let me tell you about the whole package first. It’s a unique combination and a great value.

Five videos—Videos are 60 seconds or less. They consist of beautiful images. Each image is designed by a professional graphic designer. Your messages are placed over the graphics and are sequenced like slides to display different messages. We add music in your chosen genre. Gives a real kick to your social feed that gets more attention for your message. Here are some samples.

Ten graphic quotes—We use your selected quotes, either your own or favorites from other sources. Each quote is turned into a graphic so that the messaging stand out in the social feed. Here are a few samples of the possibilities.

Ten text posts—To round out the package, we include standard text posts that highlight your event, launch or campaign with various calls-to-action and a countdown strategy to drive even more responses. These are interspersed along with the other package items to create a consistent message or theme.

Business Images Samples

Personal Images Samples

Video Samples

Motion Graphic

Product Launch

Life Event

Here’s How It Works

We Make It Fast And Efficient

You want to know how the package works and what you can expect. You’re busy and don’t have time to waste. We definitely make it easy for you. Here’s what happens when you buy this package.

Step One: Consultation Form

After you buy and before we meet, you receive a form by email. 

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This is your Media Package Launch Document. We need to know exactly what you want so we can deliver it. The more details you provide, the better job we can do. Sometimes this is challenging for clients, but we encourage you to bring focus to this document. You’ll get the best results that way.

Here are some of the questions you’ll find on the form. What do you want to accomplish? What colors do you want to use? What genre of music do you want in your videos? What messages do you want to use? The form will cover all the information we need to deliver your package.

Step Two: Consultation

We have a short consultation with you about your project.

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Using the Media Package Launch Document form you answered and sent back, we drill down with you. We’re going to have questions to clarify your responses on the form. Our purpose is to make sure that you get exactly what you need, and we’ll delve deeply to get the needed information.

Step Three: Production

We buckle down and produce like crazy (can you hear the buzzing of busy bees?)

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This is the fun part for us—turning your dreams into reality. As we go along, you’ll probably get an occasional email to get additional information. We’ll also let you know that we’re making progress and keep you in the loop. (Production time: 4-6 weeks depending on the media you need)

Step Four: Review and Approve

When we’ve finished, we send you to a link where you can view the finished sequence.

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You can outright approve on the spot, or let us know what changes you’d like to have. After we’ve made the required changes, you get another approval round. Once you are satisfied with the product, we turn it over to you.

Step Five: Optional, We Set Up The Sequence

We sat up the posts to your social media feed and can even set up the emails to your guests. 

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Once the package is finished and in your hands, you have a couple of options.

Did You Know That You Can Purchase Parts Of This Package Separately?

We Want To Provide You Maximum Flexibility

If you’re interested in only the videos, or only the graphic posts, let us know. We’ll quote you on those as well. Just to give you an idea, you can expect the prices to be $850 for five videos and $775 for ten graphic quotes. All the media is custom created to capture your voice to get your company, product, or event in front of the people that matter most to you. If you’re interested, just ask!

Now that you understand how this service works

Where To Next?

You may want to review all of our services to see how we might help you.