Many people picture a strong leader as someone standing in front of a room of people. They’re pointing their finger at everyone and making unrealistic demands. But that’s so far far from the truth. This is a description of someone who has a loud voice and knows how to delegate, not a great leader. You can always tell how great a leader is by the success of their team/employees.

Successful leaders lead successful & trustworthy employees. These employees grow into a very fruitful/profitable business. Leaders don’t just cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Leadership is much more like taking on the role of a gardener.

There are many practical ways to grow into a larger team with determination and patience.

Where Do You See Growth?

When you are tending to your garden, first observe where your seeds are turning into sprouts. Observe where the sprouts are visible. Determine why sprouts began to pop up in those specific areas. Is it because of their exposure to light? Maybe it’s because they received more water. The list is endless.

After figuring out why each sprout has grown exponentially, determine what the other seedlings need in order to grow into sprouts. Ask the question, “why should I care about this?”, and the answer is simple. This is how a great leader looks at a team of employees.

As soon as you figure out why some team members are more successful than others, you will be able to start coaching your not-so-successful employees to do things the way your seasoned team members are. Making sense now?

Are You Nurturing or Hovering?

Spotting new growth is just as difficult as maintaining the new growth. Don’t rush the process. Don’t stare at the pot of soil hoping that your telepathic powers will make something grow. You are being too controlling. 

The same applies to new growth within your team. Be patient. Trust the process! It’s hard not to hover over and make sure they get everything right. However, sometimes letting go of the steering wheel will allow them to branch out and trust themselves a little.

Think of it like this: did you learn how to drive while sitting on your mom or dad’s lap because they didn’t trust you? No! Because this would make you feel suffocated and out of control. Nurturing new growth, instead of controlling the new growth will lead to a more successful outcome.

Are You Planting Seeds?

When new growth becomes more visible, it’s time to turn up the heat! Nothing will get your team more excited and fired up about their job than when they are faced with a new challenge. Do not be afraid to hand over a responsibility or two. The risk of them possibly experiencing failure with a new task/project could be just the thing they need to get pumped up to learn more.

Failure does not always mean that they have failed. It just means that they hit a learning curve. Now they have an opportunity to take some notes. This is a good thing. 

Planting seeds looks a lot like casting vision. Sharing what your goals and ambitions are to see your business grow can give an employee the chance to catch that vision and start running really fast. 

There are many ways you can begin to become a successful leader. There is no better way to lead than to become a great gardener who enjoys bearing incredible fruit.