Every business will experience a social media drought at some point of their career. It’s similar to a weight loss journey. In order to see consistent weight loss, the routine has to change up when the body becomes immune to it. The same goes for marketing strategy.

Here are some reasons your social media marketing is stunted.

There’s no strategy.

Often times, businesses try to mimic other social media posts from competitors not understanding the technical strategy behind it. There is far more that goes into running successful social media campaigns than just posting regularly. While that’s part of it, a professional would take it a step further and analyze the insights of your business page. They will have the knowledge needed to monitor the insights of your platform, and accurately determine the best times and approaches to consistent success.

You hate change.

Whether you like it or not, social media is always changing. Policies are updated almost weekly. Ad algorithms evolve constantly. Even popularity and demographics swap out across each social media platform. You have to constantly stay educated on the changes so that your business stays connected with its audience and potential client base.

How do you avoid the social media rut?

Hire a professional.

When you have plumbing issues in your home, you hire a plumber. Facing some legal issues? You get a lawyer. Sick? You visit a doctor. It’s a no brainer. Hire a professional business consulting firm or social media marketing strategist that have the skills to keep your business in the social media limelight.

Always engage with your clients.

The best insight to get is directly from the horse’s mouth. Ask your clients how they benefit from your products and services. Where can your business improve? What else can be offered? Clients will be more likely to recommend your business when they feel like their opinion is valued and heard.