One commodity today that is becoming extinct is good leadership. Sadly, most in this role opt to take the easy route or simply don’t take it seriously. The good news is that anyone can be retrained to become a good leader.

What makes a good leader?

Accuracy and Availability.

No matter what the circumstance is, a good leader is equipped to handle anything that comes their way. Whether over a brick and mortar or managing a virtual staff, a good leader is easily approachable whenever a team member needs help. What’s more, this leader provides the best direction needed for their employees or partners to get the job done right.

First Hand Experience.

The worst position to be in is under leadership that doesn’t even know the work processes. After all, how can one lead if they don’t know what they’re leading? Even if there is no “hands on” experience, research should be conducted to understand what efforts are needed to get the work done. For example, understand the process of creating a logo will allow a manager to provide a reasonable timeline of logo completion.


Ever heard of the saying, “A captain must go down with the ship”? Such is true with business. When leading, it is the responsibility of leadership to provide accurate instruction, encouragement and motivation that leads to success.

In everything, a leader should always be ready for any highs and lows that will affect their team. They should always know their business. They are well educated in their field and are always willing to learn. Above all, they never blame shift. If a commitment is made to lead, they lead with all they have and any team will be honored to follow them.