Who doesn’t want to be productive? When you are the CEO of your own small business, being productive is what gets you ahead. When it comes to grabbing hold of productivity, it can be difficult. However, when you surround yourself with the resources you need, it can be easier than expected.

So how can you become productive… and fast?

Take on one task at a time.

Sometimes we are tempted to multi-task. While this helps you feel like you’re getting things done, it won’t allow you to complete any task faster. It, in fact, lessens your productivity and affects your brain activity as a whole.

Instead of multi-tasking, push to get one task done before going on to starting another. While there will always be interruptions, try your best to set boundaries. Don’t respond to emails or other communication efforts until you’re completely done. Let coworkers know that you are off limits until a certain time of day.

Another great way to get work done faster is to delegate yourself the most work on the first day of your work week. It’s definitely a trend for the majority of workers to be their most productive on Monday, and begin to lose momentum after mid week.

Keep up with the Joneses.

Do you have the most recent technology to work with? People neglect upgrades to avoid spending money when it really should be part of their overall budget. If your team does not have the most updated technology to keep up with productivity, your business will eventually begin to lose money rather than saving it.

You will also lose time on work and productivity if you are spending most of your efforts trying to fix an outdated computer. Rather than spending so much resources on maintenance, be sure to keep an equipment replacement program in place so that there aren’t hours spent on trying to get back online.

Create a plan and carry it out.

Review how you spend your time daily. Go over what you do hourly. Determine when you’re most focused, distracted or tired. This will give you an idea of when you should be working, taking breaks, or organizing for the next day.

If there aren’t enough hands to get the job done in your new small business, be sure to delegate your work to contractors. There are many virtual assistant firms that will be more than happy to take on your workload and bring your business to another level. When you outsource, you can spend more time perfecting your product.


While it can be difficult starting a plan to be more productive, it is not something far fetched. Just remember that Rome was not built in a day. Grab hold of one task after another until the work is done. Always look at the big picture when it comes to technology. Develop a replacement schedule to keep up with the newest equipment your business should be using. Once you have developed a plan of action to be more productive, carry it out. If you hold onto these actions, you will be sure to get productive… fast!