So you’ve been running your company for a few years now and you’re finding that the way you’ve conducted business has not been as successful as it has been in the past. In situations like this, it’s sometimes necessary to think outside of the norm, and look into new business strategies that other companies are thriving on.

What are new business strategies that seem to be working?

Make it personal.

Everyone wants to feel special. They want to be catered to. So the key to a happy customer is to customize their experience with your products and services. Make them feel like your business exists solely for their needs.

Here are ways to make your customer experience more about them.

Split up your marketing campaigns.

Sometimes the products and services you offer could be very broad. In situations like this, it could be easier to develop multiple marketing plans. Determine what audience will prefer each product and come up with a personalized campaign that will solely reach that audience. You’ll be amazed at how your sales will increase when you compartmentalize rather than trying to sell your company as a whole.

Stay educated.

A huge reason most companies start to experience a dip in sales and growth is because they refuse to change their current processes. While some things are worth remaining traditional, it is never a good idea to choose to remain stagnant. Change is often necessary for growth. Embrace the idea of change. Research what other successful companies are doing. Look into hiring a business consultant to help you remain in trend.

Here are things you should change immediately.

Make your business mobile.

It is a known fact that the current consumer will research their product before making a purchase. And in actuality, online sales have drastically increased over the years as opposed to brick and mortar shopping. These consumers are also on the go. Which means these sales and research are being conducted on their mobile device. What’s the smartest thing any business owner can do? Make their business mobile by investing in a mobile app.

Boost your customer service.

Many companies are more accessible on social media platforms cutting the time it takes for customers to call in. Just like you as a business owner value your time, so do your consumers. Give them this respect and it will go a long way.