Being an online business is tough. You are one in a million other companies trying to survive virtually. The odds are NOT always going to be in your favor. All these companies have the same goals and ambitions as you do. With that said, you have to stand out from your competition.

Up Your Website Speed

We are living in an error of instant gratification. If a visitor of your site has to wait more than 2 seconds for your page to load, they will lose interest fast. You will miss out on hundreds of opportunities for revenue simply because of your site’s speed. Here are ways to improve…

Monitor your website’s speed.

Check on sites like Google Pagespeed to check out your page’s insights and see where you need to improve.

Change your host.

If you find that your speed is lower than it needs to be, you might have to revisit the plan you have with your hosting site. An upgrade may have to be considered to accommodate the speed you need.

Post smaller images.

Sometimes what slows down a website are your images or videos. Use programs like RIOT or Handbrake to minimize the size of your images and videos without pixelation.

Up Your SEO

This is generally a simple rule of thumb. If you enhance your SEO, your website will be found easier on search engines. Focus on your keywords by using programs like Google Keyword Planner to attract visitors, and Google Analytics to track them.

Be mobile friendly.

The majority of internet users today are on the go. If you don’t provide them mobile access that is user friendly, chances are, they will not follow up when they are finally sitting down at a computer.

Generate relatable copy

Your website has to provide the information a consumer needs to make smart purchases. Give them as much information they need in a way that will “provide them an offer they can’t refuse.” This is a very important aspect of sales which CANNOT be taken lightly. It can make or break your business.

Provide appealing design

The design of a site can also destroy your conversion. If it’s too outdated, a customer is not going to purchase from you. Time and time again, small businesses make the mistake of generating a website that looks like a warp in time. They provide drop shadows, bevel and embossed images, and worst of all, comic sans font. You have to be aware of what “is in” these days to keep your business relevant, or the rational consumer will bypass you. There are plenty of site builders that will do most of the template work for you, and can make your website pop. If you’re still not too confident in your graphic skills, hire a virtual assistant!

These are just a few ways you can improve your site to enhance your conversion rate. Just focusing on one of these avenues alone will generate a huge difference. What’s most important is to understand how large a need your website is to your business. Learn to adapt and you will always find success.