We would all be lying if we said that we have it altogether in the office one hundred percent of the time.  

The truth is that it is easy to get lost while at work! We all face it. If you are currently struggling with this, you are not alone.

How can you breathe easy at work when confusion or lack of understanding is rearing its ugly head?

Redirect Before Jumping To Conclusions

Oftentimes we can sit through a multitude of meetings, multiple times a week without comprehending one lick of information that has been discussed. When we are called upon to discuss some details during those meetings, it’s easy to just sit there like a deer in headlights. Scary, right? Not so much! 

Here’s the solution: If you get caught in this situation, instead of making it obvious that you are completely lost, simply respond with, “I am still processing many details from this topic. I would love to get back to you later when I have wrapped my head around this more.” This is much more appropriate than simply stating, “I’m sorry, I don’t really know what’s going on right now.”

This practical approach can work for many other situations as well. Keep your responses vague but reasonable enough to gravitate the attention off of yourself.

It’s Okay To Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to speak up! There will be occasions when you are having a difficult time following a presentation or a heavily detailed conversation. That is okay! Take a moment to interrupt politely to seek further information so that you may understand the content. Sometimes all it takes is spending a little bit more time on the subject in order to digest the information.  

On the flip side, don’t become the “question guy/girl”. There is a balance between stopping every two seconds to ask a question and waiting for an individual to finish their thought. This will give you time to process a little longer. If you still have a question after allowing them to finish, they will be far more receptive and less aggravated by your inquisition. It will show that you truly care about the details and that you want to do your best to get it right the first time!


Buddy Up

Don’t underestimate the power of having a friend in the office! It is highly encouraged that you are able to lean on others in the office when you need help.

Most work environments have a group of seasoned employees that are glad to help when a new person comes along. However, it is best to use your observation skills to know when it is the best time to seek assistance.

Be sure to be aware of his/her demeanor in the moment you would like to seek help. If they are up to their elbows in work or the big boss is around to lay a heavier load on the team, this would not be the time to approach them. Simply shoot them an email with your concerns/confusion. Express that they can take their time getting back to you. This will show that you respect their time and their attention to your situation. In addition, it will show that you are grateful for the help whenever they can get back to you.



Sometimes it is hard to triage your questions but it is highly recommended to do so. If you are suddenly overwhelmed with a list of scenarios you have no idea how to tackle, take a few moments to organize them. How you do this is by taking this list and writing down which item is most urgent. Start to address the most urgent items and work your way down the list slowly. Bring someone alongside you to assist. 

Try your best not to make your stress/anxiety towards the items contagious. Don’t cause someone else around you to feel the same things you are feeling. Doing this will make it harder for someone to help you. They will feel just as overwhelmed and clouded.



If you are ever stuck and cannot find any way to get back on track, do not keep this to yourself. It is so important to express what is going on in your world when stuff is falling through the cracks. When you are allowing this to happen over and over again, your boss/manager will be able to see through the “I’m cool” demeanor. 

Whatever you do, do not get stuck here! There will be more respect for you if you are open to communicating where the problem areas are as they surface.


Everyone deals with confusion at one point or another during the workplace. It is easier to become the genuine and loyal employee that truly cares to address this problem. Your boss will see this dedication and see that you are deserving of your position in the long run. Just follow these simple tips and you will be able to grow as a valued team member to your work environment!