Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, especially when you start a business by yourself. There are so many challenges that come with entrepreneurship, but the biggest battle is making sure that our mindset is where it needs to be.

Starting a business alone can be amazing, but it can also be one of the most terrifying things that you can do.

You get to make all the decisions and call all the shots. You get to learn from your mistakes, fail, and get back up again. If you fail, you know it was your fault and you can’t blame anyone else. However, when your business is successful ,your whole team will get that credit. Leave your ego at home! Few business owners make it to the top as self-starters. Many people are more comfortable taking the leap when they know they have a partner or investors secured for their business. At then end of the day, you know what is going to be best for you.


Trusting yourself is one of the hardest things to do, because we know that we don’t know everything. Having someone else around is a safety net. Making such a move by yourself is bold! It shows you are confident, passionate and determined to succeed.

Here are some ugly truths.

Starting and leading a business by yourself is terrifying and it will get hard. It’s not about the success of your business, it’s about living a life of success. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back; even yourself. You are confident, empowered and determined – don’t let yourself forget that.

Don’t seek anyone else’s approval. You need to know that you’re doing the best for you. Remember to laugh! You are human. Don’t try to compete with others, do better for yourself. Reward those that are loyal. Loyalty is rare. Promote people that deserve it. Don’t ever put anyone down. It’s petty and says more about you than anyone else. Work hard to move past your insecurities when they do creep up. Always be the bigger person even when others are being rude.


Everyone’s road to success looks different. It will always be hard, it will always be scary and it may not always seem worth it. There will be a lot of sacrifices that you’ll need to make in this season like giving up time with your family or spending important holidays working. Just remember to stand firm in what you believe in and stay true to yourself. Don’t make compromises for anyone.