As tedious as it may sound, it is always good work ethic to track your time on tasks. How else would you be able to provide deadlines and a plan of action, or process, to getting your projects done? Knowing how long a task takes is crucial to your overall project management. Here are a few reasons why.

You will be saving money.

When you determine the time that you’re taking to complete certain jobs, you’ll be able to record how much money will go into it. This is especially important if you are being paid hourly or by project. It can also help you for future projects if you’re looking to cut costs.

There is evidence you need help.

Sometimes a lot is put onto our own plate. On paper, it seems manageable by one person. But it might be a different story once you get started. Tracking your time can show a break-down of how long it takes for each task to get done, which can be evidence that you need more than your hands to complete things in a timely manner. It can also shed some light on a co-worker that may be dawdling, causing your company to lose time and money.

You look organized and professional to your clients.

When starting a project, one of the most popular things asked is, “How fast can you get it done?” With time tracking, you can estimate appropriately and compare it to your availability in comparison to other projects. You can even promise progress reports and what items can be presented first.


When you know how long it takes to get a job done, you will be accountable for completing it by the deadline estimated. It is a best practice that will ensure more productivity and amazing work ethic.

When it comes to your business, do you want to be well organized and ready to take on the world? Or do you want to barely make it by the skin of your teeth? Time tracking is a necessity in your organization to ensure you are well staffed, keep your current team from burnout and giving you their highest quality work.