There comes a time in everyone’s career when vulnerability rears its ugly head. It often pops up when having to make an important decision in your business. As an entrepreneur, you fight with the idea of giving in to that emotion.

Is vulnerability a sign of weakness?

This a very human emotion and everyone experiences it, even in running a business. It shows everyone who you are as a human being. While many find it to be a bad trait, approaching it in the right way could lead to self-improvement and greater business success.

Vulnerability as an entrepreneur comes in many forms. Failure is one of them.

While we set milestones for our business, they will not always be met. Ultimately that will be viewed as a failure. Or perhaps you’ve tried a new strategy in marketing that did not give you the results you were looking for. Another time when a business encounters failure is when they hire an individual that didn’t work out.

So how do you combat failure?


You can let that failure break your business or you can learn from it. Research why you were unable to reach that milestone. Was there something else that could have been set in place to be better prepared? Established a failsafe for next time. In doing this, you will avoid any financial strain that would come as a result of your set back.

So that marketing strategy failed. It’s not the end of the world. Develop an attitude of trying new things. Look into what other businesses are doing in your field of expertise and implement them into your plan. Take what works and dismiss what doesn’t. Marketing is never a set it and forgets its process. It constantly changes.

If a previous onboarding system did not work, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing a job placement service to do the hiring for you. Chances are, they will have better insight on who to look for and the proper skills needed for the position.