Being a strong manager is difficult. Difficulties will always arise when working with people. Not everyone is as invested in the success of the business as you are. They may just be there for a paycheck and nothing more.

So how do you keep your employees motivated?

Define your style.

There are so many ways to lead a team.

As a manager or CEO, you have to determine what your style of leadership is. Keep in mind that the style of leadership you possess should match the temperament of your workers. For example, a creative environment will vary from a books and numbers kind of gig. Determine how to approach the needs of your tribe.

Decide to motivate, not modulate.

A good leader motivates.

Most workers thrive in conditions where they feel valued. As a manager, take the time to make sure that those working to build your empire are motivated to do so. In fact, they will work twice as hard if they know their efforts are appreciated.

Don’t be a dictator.

A part of motivation is learning to listen.

As a leader you should make it your business to be approachable. Your employees should feel comfortable talking to you about their ideas and input. And why wouldn’t you want to hear them when it could be the very thing that catapults your business higher than ever before?