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Our Services

Make It Virtual Assistant is the One-Stop-Shop you need to help your business grow and achieve the success you deserve. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best customer service

Make It Virtual Assistant guarantee…

We guarantee prompt, professional work that is delivered on-time and to your specification. If you are not satisfied due to VA error, the mistake will be corrected at no cost to you. All procedures, logins, or account information will always be provided to you. Your tasks and job procedures will be documented in a manual type form for you to have. Each client is supported by a backup staff to ensure all tasks are completed and your business is running smoothly. Our Staff Members are all at advanced levels in their skill sets.

Running A Business Can Be Overwhelming. 

The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Branding is about name recognition. Brand recognition results in loyalty and revenue. It is a MUST that companies focus on their branding and we focus on your company’s voice tone of a brand.

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Branding is about name recognition.

Brand recognition results in loyalty and revenue. It is a MUST that companies focus on their branding and we focus on your company’s voice of a brand.

Branding is about putting your name, face, and company in-front of those people who are your target market. To do that you need a social presence. You need to be the person they look to for the answers.

This happens by using your colors, creating beautiful graphic quotes and videos with your “voice” and posting not only about you and your company but also useful content your target market finds interesting.

We use our decades of combined experience to create a winning strategy to get your brand out to the people who will be your next client or customer. Our brand strategies include brand development and implementation. We hone in on your values, your personality, your voice, and work on positioning you and your company to the right people. Your target market!

We have the unique ability to put ourselves in your shoes and look at things from your perspective and also as if we were a potential client or customer. Every brand has a voice, personality, and life just like we do, and just like we do brands want to fit in. They want to be the popular cool kid on the block and that is where MIVA comes in.

We research and market to your audience. We listen to what they are saying not just about your brand but about other brands like yours. We want to know what they find valuable or painful about their experiences so we can mold your brand, take you from just another pretty face to the cool kid.

Social Media Management

Tracking is KEY to running a successful social media campaign. Social media is tied to branding, by using social media it is a fast way to get your brand in front of your target market.

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Social media management consists of MIVA setting up your social presence and managing your online interactions and content across all your social media platforms. Social media management isn’t just about posting updates to your profiles. It also involves creating engaging posts, images, and tracking interactions and always looking for new ways to increase your brand’s reach and visibility.

We use tools that help us to track and manage your social media platforms and content. We perform audits to determine the best platforms that benefit your brand, create a calendar, and implement your social media campaign based on your brand and your voice.

The bottom line is to get your company in front of as many potential clients or customers as possible and social media is a great way to start!

Audience Analytics

There are analytics everywhere: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to name a few. We track all the information in one location on a monthly basis.

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In a digital world knowing where your company and your brand ranks is key to your success. Audience analytics is a great way for your brand to stay in the loop to what your target market is saying about your products, company, ads, competitors, and more.

But what do you do with all that information? What does it really mean? And more importantly, HOW do you get it without feeling like you are chasing your tail? You can spend hours, days even gathering all this information on several different platforms and in the meantime all this time takes away from your business. MIVA takes this off your hands, compiling all the data from all your platforms and putting it into a spreadsheet that is comprehensive and easy to read.

With this information at your fingertips you can now make better decisions on the direction of your brand or company.

Search Engine Optimization

A good digital marketing plan requires a strong SEO plan. This means continually changing keywords, developing a branded hashtag, and tracking EVERYTHING!

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SEO plays a very important role in Digital Marketing. A good SEO plan will tailor-make your digital marketing into a powerful sales funnel, driving traffic from your social media platform to your website. It will launch your brand to the right people with just a few keystrokes.

A solid SEO plan is more than just tags or keywords in your social media posts, it is tags and keywords on your website pages, blog posts, and packages pages. We will develop a branding hashtag and use this hashtag along with trending hashtags to get your company to your target market.

And then there is tracking. We track hashtags, keywords, and search words that potential clients and customers use to find you. By tracking all this data we can then use it to fine-tune your SEO. Search engine optimization is a living fluid animal that changes all the time, without a strong SEO plan you will risk falling behind and becoming obsolete.


Writing comes easy to some people but for the rest of us we need a little help. Our copywriter works one-on-one with you to write compelling content for your website or packages.

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Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to command higher prices for your services? People don’t just pay more because you want to earn more money. They need to believe that they’re getting more value before they will pay more. Typically, working with consultants and coaches, it’s obvious you provide valuable “extras” for clients. Let’s repackage your services and turn those extras into a premium package for your clients. 

Most of us are myopic about the value of our services.  It takes an outside viewpoint to give us that “lightbulb moment” about how skills and expertise could be combined into a premium package. Few writers are skilled in designing and writing a premium package that commands higher prices. It’s a specialty that is difficult to find among writers.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are an extremely useful tool in digital marketing. It attracts the prospective client or customer from a simple google search to a satisfied customer or client.

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Developing a sales funnel can be daunting. We develop customized sales funnels for your product launch or event.

Most of my clients have a pretty sizable contact list, they have been collecting the names and emails because they know this is important but not really sure how to turn that list into revenue. But they also don’t realize that they have a vast untapped contact list in their social media platform.

We take all your contacts from all platforms and place them into one email marketing program of your choice. We develop a custom sales funnel for your product or service that you want to showcase and then implement the funnel. We set up all the moving parts; setting up the opt-in forms, triggers, automation, and testing.  We do it all so that your sales funnel is seamless.

Website Development

There are different stages of website development from creating a website for a brand that hasn’t got a website to redesigning an existing website.

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Website development can mean several things.  It can be a project of creating a website where isn’t one to revamping and relaunching an existing website or maintaining that existing website.  “Back in the day” websites were cumbersome and created with nothing but code, but now you have several options from a strictly coded website to using a platform with customizable templates.

We recognize that creating a website with just code gives you more freedom to create a one of a kind website, however, it doesn’t give you the luxury of making your own edits, adding your content or additional pages. You as the user would need an interface such as Dreamweaver and then you would need to know how to create, edit, and delete in this interface.

We specialize in WordPress making beautiful custom designed websites in a variety of themes and templates. By creating your website in WordPress this gives you the freedom to edit, add content, and delete content. Our philosophy is that this is your company and you should be able to manage, make changes, and implement every aspect of the website management if you should choose.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to send information, sales pitches, or launches to your target market. Every contact collected could be a potential client or customer.

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What exactly is email marketing? Email marketing has become an intricate tool for business owners to use to not only promote their products but also to get their brands recognized. Email marketing is a way of marketing directly to the potential customer or client by way of an email. Every contact’s data that is collected from a form that you set up can be used in an email marketing campaign. But you don’t want to just be another email in the spam folder you have something to say and a valuable product or service you know your target market needs AND wants.

We work closely with you and our content copywriter to develop and quality email marketing campaign that turns your emails into a sales funnel, lead generation, or even a newsletter that your audience will read and look forward to in their inbox.

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