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The Real Problem With Social Media Is That…

Social Media Management

Most People Just “Do Stuff” On Social Media To Do Stuff!

Maybe you can relate to these headline statements.

You’ve been pouring resources (time, money, and energy) into social media, and it’s not really done much for you. Possibly that’s because you don’t have a game plan, you’re just “doing” social media.

You want to optimize your social media and start working strategically. It’s time to take a new approach and leverage social power. You’ve done a little research and understand that there is a term called “social media management” that sounds like what you want. A social media manager monitors, measures, and guides all social media on your behalf.

The Social Media Management Package Is Not For Every Business

It’s For Businesses Feeling The Pain Of A Complex Of Issues

This package has been designed specifically to solve a number of problems. It’s not the right package for every company, but it’s the perfect package for the right companies. These are the kinds of problems that you’re dealing with that this package is designed to solve for you.

You’re “doing” social media, but doing it blind. You aren’t working strategically, don’t know if you’re getting any results, and aren’t knowledgeable of best practices. You’re on various social media platforms but are you on the right track?

You’re ready to off-load social media management to an expert. You’ve been struggling with doing it all yourself, and that’s not working anymore. Your time is better spent where you’re an expert—providing services to clients.

Your business is upgrading and your social media needs to upgrade to match. You’re re-branding, creating new packages, increasing prices, and aiming for more lucrative markets. It’s past due but you just don’t have the time.

It’s time to make social media a strategic priority for your business. “Doing” social media half-heartedly hasn’t brought results. Your efforts have been sporadic and hit-or-miss—so mostly miss. You’re ready to invest in consistent social media campaigns.

You see competitors making aggressive progress in social media. It’s time to stop being lukewarm and get off the sidelines. It doesn’t feel good to get left in the dust. The worst part is, you know those competitors don’t provide services anywhere near your quality.

These Are The Kinds Of Outcomes That You’re Looking For

When Considering Investing In A Social Media Management Package

You’re busy and manage your business revenue intelligently. You want to know what you’re getting when you make a purchase. These are the kinds of outcomes that you can expect to get from The Social Media Management Package.

A social media presence and understand the results.

You have a clear strategy—that we’re executing for you—and getting monthly reports of results. We educate you on best practices and keep you on top of the constant platform changes. And make sure you’re on the platforms that work best for your business.

You now have a social media management to an expert.

You are free of managing your social media content yourself and instead can now focus on client work. You can rest easy knowing that we are working with you to get your message out, consistently tweak your social strategy. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing it’s in good hands.

Your business is upgraded and your social media is upgraded to match.

Everything you’re doing—re-branding, new packages, higher prices, more lucrative markets—all of it is reflected in your social media presence.  Now it is time to get all of that hard work out to the right people. We help you showcase your hard work.

Social media is a strategic priority for your business.

You get solid and growing social results from having consistent social media management. Your business is getting attention online, and you see the details in your monthly reports. You’re not guessing, and you understand what works best for your business.

Making aggressive progress in social media .

You’re fully committed and—with us on your team—you’re all in. The quality of your services is standing out in the marketplace because you’re showing up on social platforms regularly.

Let us make you a Rock Star on social media.

When Investing In A Social Media Management Package

You Also Need To Understand The Benefits You’ll Get

Before you make that final decision, you want to be clear on how your business will benefit. You want the information laid out so that you understand it—not get mumbo jumbo technical explanations. These are the plain-spoken benefits you receive from this package.

We engage with your market and join groups.

We mimic your voice and take the actions you would take yourself or inform you of when you need to respond to the message. This broadens your network making it easier to connect with your prospects. Everything is focused on getting you results.

We work to get you more targeted followers.

It’s easy to get “junk” followers who are NEVER going to become clients. Instead, we strategically increase your followers—for specific business reasons. We get you in touch with influencers—social media mavens with large followings. These are not just influencers for their own sake, but ones whose support could directly boost your business.

We create & execute a social media strategy.

You will be provided a social media calendar for approval monthly. Monthly reports to see the growth and to give us guidance. We stay on top of the ever-changing social media platforms always keeping your strategy current.

We promote you as the expert you are.

It’s critical that you are positioned as the expert that you are. We have a formula for promoting you that pushes you forward without being pushy. We keep you in front of your target market so they think of you when they need the services you sell. We make sure you stay front and center in the minds of your targeted audience.

Planning & Strategy

Step 1: Audit Existing Social Resources

We develop a baseline audit of all your social resources. An audit of your complete social media presence will give us your baseline. We use various tools to pinpoint where your traffic is coming from, the top keywords that drive traffic, and will move you up in the rankings. This will give us a clear idea of what your market is interested in right now and what is resonating with your audience.

Step 2: Written Audit Report

A written summary of the audit results. This audit is an important jumping-off point for your strategy. We go over this data, see where you can make improvements, find the social media platforms that are not performing well, and the platforms that are performing.

Step 3: Social Media Management Strategy

The next step is fun—a new social media strategy plan is created from your audit data. We make suggestions on media and written content, placement of ads, the best platforms for you to focus on and the best times to post to each platform.

Implementation and Management


Step 1: Implementation

Now that your social media strategy plan is complete, we take over as Social Media Manager handling the majority of the work. You will be provided a monthly social media calendar for the next month that will need your approval before we can execute. The calendar includes a list of things planned to go out, date, platforms, what post says, and the picture or video that accompanies it.

Step 2: Monthly Execution Of Your Social Media Plan

At this time we set up any social media platforms that you currently do not have set up. We will engage your audiences as needed in comments, likes, or follows. Any relevant messages that require you to respond, we will notify you.

Step 3: Receive Monthly And Quarterly Reports

We evaluate the current plan monthly, adjust the plan as needed, and provide recommendations. Should there be major changes to the plan we will connect by phone to iron out details. A quarterly audit and report is provided.

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Social media started as a way for us to be entertained or keep in touch with family and friends but over the years it has morphed into a very powerful marketing tool. Social media is swiftly becoming a fast and effective way to reach new clients, partners, and vendors. Social media advertising globally is on track to rise from about 32 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 to roughly 48 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

Can you afford to be left behind? It is time to get busy with your approach to social media, get your company and brand in front of the right people. Your potential client!




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