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Social Media Package Comparison

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Social media can be a very difficult thing to start, implement and maintain.

Social media is a tool that is extremely fluid and ever changing. Algorithms, rules, popularity and what resonates with your target market is also changing. One of the toughest things to do with a social media is finding the “sweet spot” mix of revenue generation and growing your client base. You see it all the time, unknown products and brands that all of a sudden pop up on your feed. You hear stories of unknown brands going viral and all of a sudden they are generating 6 figure revenue. But honestly, these brands and products have been working their social media for years before something finally goes viral.

Social media is all about the numbers and consistency in posting, advertising and generating or curating content that resonates with your client base. At the end of the day you want people to come to you because you are a expert in your field, you have the best product they are looking for and your customer services is outstanding.  People will pay more, forgive errors and recommend a brand or company if they have these 3 things:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Making good on defective products or poor service
  • Creating products and services gear towards what they really want

Now that you know the why…

Let’s find the right package!

Basic Plan

 Just starting out on social media or already have a social media presence and just want to maintain it. This is your plan.

Standard Plan

Getting ready to launch a new program or service or have a event you want to promote. This plan is right for you.

Advanced Plan

Ready to this thing! You have been on social media for a while and not really seeing any movement or you are just over trying to keep up with the changes to social media, algorithms and trying to gain followers THIS is the plan for you.