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Need a little more help?

Standard Services

We have the package you need

Not ready for a virtual assistant but still need help with your business. We have a package you are looking for. Make It Virtual Assistant is the One-Stop-Shop you need to help your business grow and achieve the success you deserve. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best customer service.

Social Media Marketing

You Need A Social Media Package For Your Business.

Because it’s time you got the help you need. Social media is here to stay and you’re looking for help in capitalizing on it. Maybe you have a new business and need a solid start. Perhaps you’ve been “doing social media” on your own—but it just seems like a time suck.

Digital Media Creation

Designed To Be Flexible and Inject Variety Into Your Social Media or Event Launch.

This unique package can be used to spice up your social media, create beautiful digital invitations, or engage your audience with short videos. You can use this package to launch a program or event, grow your lists, and even enhance your already thriving social media community.

Audience Analytic

In a digital world knowing where your company and your brand ranks is key.

Audience analytics is a great way for your brand to stay in the loop to what your target market is saying about your products, company, ads, competitors, and more. Analytic audits are an overview of everything from social media to your website and can be used in several different ways.

Branding & Design

Your brand is the first impression and potential client has of your company.

Your brand is more than just a color or logo it is the first impression a potential client gets of your company. So why wouldn’t you put your best foot forward? Good branding brings to your company recognition, trust, and value. MIVA has a team of experienced virtual assistants that will create your brand with you.

Do you have a project in mind?