There’s a lot to gain when it comes to being on the top of search engines. You boost your audience, online traffic and revenue. The top spot is a very reasonably coveted rank to have. But once you get there, it’s very difficult to sustain.

How can you keep your website on the top of search engines?

Recycle your content

Sometimes it’s not necessary to create new content. Why reinvent the wheel? You can revisit old pages and blogs that just require a little bit of a facelift. Update ideas and keywords. Research what your client base is searching for and update your SEO on your site with those new keywords. Continue to keep your website fresh with content people are still searching for on search engines.

Keep your searchers on your page

Once you have visitors that go to your page, you may experience a bounce rate. This means your searchers only visit your site only to leave it seconds later. Be sure to create interesting enough content that your online visitors want to stay and explore your page a little longer. Have them search for information instead of handing it all to them on the very first page. If it’s information they value, they will search for it. Value is an important factor when it comes to keeping people on your page. Give them content that they want to search through, and that adds to their lives.


It is always important to rub elbows with others that offer similar business parallel to your own. It is great cross advertising if you can be featured on another influencer’s website in your field. Look for opportunities to support one another, at the same time growing your business and its following.

Keep your content consistent

When creating content for your website, be sure to have a recognizable theme. Your website should be fluid in getting the word out of what your business is all about. If there are too many variances with your copy, your site will not be as easily found. Spell it out simple enough so that you can be found with little fuss.

Above all, consistency is key. Google criteria changes almost daily. It is important to keep up with what works now. Be intentional with educating yourself on online growth. Apply these changes to your site weekly, even daily if need be. The more you work at it, the better the results you will experience.