Often times it’s recommended to find a mentor that can be an aid to you as you run your business as opposed to a business coach. The biggest difference between the two is a mentor willingly and freely offers their advice while a coach is hired and paid to do so. If you had to choose between the two, the individual that takes a personal interest in you is the best to go with.

Here are a few reasons why you should pursue a mentor.

Life experience.

A mentor has walked the same path as you’re about to walk, and can draw from what they’ve gone through to help you make the right decisions. From starting a business plan to the right process and systems to set in place, they have insight on what works and what doesn’t.


When running a business, feedback is necessary. Where it comes from is extremely important. Asking for critiques from your employees may not always be a smart idea. While openness and honesty is good for your team, some things should not be shared with everyone. Mentors are a good source of helping you with your weaknesses in leadership.

What makes a good mentor?

A good mentor will offer you direction on how to do things and encourage you through the process of customizing their life experiences into how it works for you. With that in mind, when considering someone to help you, make sure they have a good rapport in your field of interest. Be sure that they have your best interest at heart and there are no ulterior motives. Choosing the right mentor will be a game changer for the success of your business.