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One of the biggest problems our clients have is freeing up time and mental energy to grow their businesses. Plans for growth get lost in day-to-day operational havoc. You need a strategic partner who works in the background to grow your business for you.

Our clients are small business owners who sell products and/or services. You have 2-50 employees and run your business either online or brick and mortar. The primary issue that’s getting in your way is that you can’t do it all yourself. You want to grow the business, but need a “second pair” of hands—hands with a brain attached.

You’ve Got a Successful Business But You Want More.

These Are The Kinds of Problems That Get In The Way Of Growth

You’re a business owner with a strong desire to grow your business. It’s a primary driver for you. You want a social media strategy that gets results. You want a website that positions your business for success. More than anything you want to eliminate any “friction” in your growth process. These are the kinds of problems you need to solve.

Your priority is making money, but you can’t focus on it for all the trivia.

Your priority is making money and taking care of your clients, but you can’t focus on it for all the trivia. As an owner, you’re responsible for everything. You have too many projects and getting distracted from money-making. Administrivia getting in the way of strategy. You have tons of ideas but no time to execute them.

Your business is impeded by technology problems.

Whether it’s deploying a new technology or battling with providers, your tech isn’t working for you. Too much of your time is wasted on making sure things work, or fighting to get what you’ve paid for. You dread trying new technologies because of the time-suck factor but you have to stay up to date.

You have an active social media presence, but not new business.

You have an active social media presence, but it’s not bringing you new business. You’re spending a lot of time and money on it, and getting zilch. The person helping you isn’t getting results. You want leads, new clients, and more revenue from your social media. You are not seeing measurable, quantifiable results.

Your website isn’t a lead funnel and doesn’t bring you clients.

You invested a lot of time and energy in building the site, but it doesn’t attract new clients. You don’t have analytics on the site. You need help reworking your site or getting a new site. You want a site that’s designed and built to be a lead funnel.

You know you need to grow your business but you need help.

You’re too busy working with clients, meeting prospects, and marketing the business. You need a second pair of “hands” to make time for growth. You’ve got a strategy in mind, but the only time to work on it is when it’s time to flop into bed at night.

We’re Not The Right Fit For Every Client

These Kinds Of Clients Have Exceptional Success Working With Us

When you’re looking for a specialist, you have a set of expectations. Before we decide to work together, you need to believe that we can fulfill those expectations. Conversely, there is a set of characteristics that tend to identify those clients who will be most successful in working with us. Here are the identifiers for clients who get the best results.

You’ve got big goals and need professional help to get results. You’re highly creative and dream big when it comes to your business. You know what you want to accomplish, but need professional help to execute your strategies.

You tend to be extremely focused and results-driven. You create a strategy and stick to it until you get the results you’ve aimed for. You know what you want, and aren’t likely to be confused about what to do or when to do it. You plan ahead and don’t follow the latest shiny object. You don’t get distracted easily.

You’re easy-going in spite of being action-oriented. It’s an unusual combination. You’ve developed emotional intelligence and understand how to get the best results in working relationships. Clear communication and realistic expectations describe your working style. You understand how to ensure that both parties win.

You have a collaborative style and want a mutually respectful ongoing relationship. You’re a stickler for communicating needs and timelines in a timely way. It’s easy for you to understand that hectic behavior creates less-than-optimal output. You listen to suggestions and appreciate the value of having another brain contributing to your results.

You’re not a micro-manager and understand when perfectionism is getting in the way. You’re looking for a professional who has your back in taking your business to the next level. You’re willing to let go and trust me to put together efficient systems for your business.

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I wish to express my thanks for a job well done. I have been using Quick Books now for several months and wish to thank you for all of your training and time spent with me. You made it easy for me to understand the software and I love what it saves me in time as well as doing my monthly reports. Thank you.

Dennis Peterson

Nanticoke Creek LLC

My VA, Diana, was so patient with the process of getting my original work uploaded and organized.  Now I have more confidence that my business is in good hands with her skills and support.  I highly recommend Natalie and her team and hope to work with them again very soon!

Myrna Hill

Founder, The Power of With

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