When you walk into a brick and mortar, you’re welcomed by a receptionist. Hopefully s/he has a big welcoming smile. Even better, s/he has the best customer service. You have such an amazing experience that you are sold on the company. That receptionist earned a client. S/He was not the CEO, sales person or manager. Yet s/he won a customer over for the organization.

A business card, in a sense, is your receptionist!

Business cards are important! One small slip of card stock is the welcoming smile your customer needs to pursue your services even further. It needs to stand out. It should warrant the receiver of your card to want to pursue a conversation and develop a working relationship.

 What information should your business card have?


If you have not invested in a logo for your business, now is the time to do it. Many people will decided to pass over your business because of a poor logo. After all, if no thought and care is put into the symbol that represents your company, why should thy trust that you would take care of their needs?


The slogan should be a quick sales pitch. Show them what your business is about in a nutshell. Many businesses take their time coming up with a slogan because it has to be memorable. Some organizations have created slogans so good that people know what company created them without mentioning their names. Some examples are, “Just do it”, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands”, and “I’m Lovin’ It.” Did you figure those out on your own? I bet you did!

Contact Information

It will be a major fail if you create an epic logo and spectacular slogan with no contact information. Be sure to provide your name, phone number, email address, website, social media handles, and any other means of contact. Provide as many ways for your potential customer to get in touch as possible. After all, you’re pushing for their business.

The best way to generate a business card is by leaving it to the professionals. They will know how to develop a logo that will catch the attention of the clients you want. So make an impression that can last a lifetime. After all, business cards are important. They are the receptionist of your business. Invest as much in the “first impression” as you would the actual client work.