When starting a business, it’s important to use the tools around you if you want to be a success. The best resource at your disposal that provides every opportunity for growth is social media. Today’s most attractive means of marketing is video. Posting your company’s videos on social media will catapult your branding, products and credibility in no time.

Where can your company videos wield the most success?


Everyone and anyone will be found on Youtube. From beauty tutorials to small business seminars, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most used social media platforms for videos to date.

When using Youtube, be sure to consistently post your videos so that your audience becomes trusting of your brand. You don’t want to keep your audience guessing, after all. It’s always important to ask your viewers to subscribe, whether it’s said during the video or pops up as a lower third. Providing clickable links are also a must. Most importantly, nobody likes to feel ignored. Because it’s a social media platform, be sure to respond to all comments and interact as frequently as possible. The best part of Youtube is you have the capability to share it on all your other platforms. So if you lack followers on one page, you will be able to pool those followers from another social media account.


This has been one of the most popular platforms to date. And now it’s making it easier than ever for businesses to thrive on. Making a business page will be the start of your success. At your disposal are multiple ways to communicate with your following using ads (including carousel photo and video ads), and even narrowing down your following according to demographic and location.

Because Facebook is all about connecting, the videos you post need to inspire engagement. Which is why going live on Facebook is probably the best thing you can do for the growth of your page. And while live (or even when posting on your feed), interacting with peoples’ comments is extremely important. Shy away from sales pitch videos, otherwise you’ll get scrolled passed. Make sure that you’re portraying your company to be personable and “down to earth”. Another great attribute Facebook provides are the insights on your posts. Determine what works and what doesn’t so that you don’t experience stunted growth.


While this is a social media platform known for photos, you can post videos and create large engagement. Yes, the videos on the feed are only allowed to be a minute long, but there is a feature that will direct people to watch the video on your IGTV, which houses longer videos. There is also Instastories that are becoming wildly popular and faster for Instagram users to glide through without having to worry about “scrolling”. Just keep in mind, because they’re “gliding”, you will have to capture their attention in seconds! So make sure your videos are extremely eye catching and creative.

When using these tools on Instagram, take advantage of the many features allowed to you on Instastories. Such features include gifs, music overlays, and polls, just to name a few. Because Instagram is a more “laid back” platform, it is also a good way to show your audience what your business looks like behind the scenes. And what’s even better is that you can sync your Instagram account to your Facebook account, allowing for your Facebook ads to run instantaneously on Instagram. You will get the same amount of traction on two separate social media platforms.