Many companies are still using prehistoric processes for their accounting. But with today’s technologies, spreadsheets and data entry are a thing of the past. Why settle for the old way when finances can be done with more accuracy and be processed faster than ever! The only issue remaining is figuring out the best program for your organization.

Here are some reasons you need to give your accounting department an upgrade.

Better time management.

Time is money. Especially in today’s business, managing your time wisely can result in great success. One way to do this is by eliminating tedious tasks. Freeing up the time it took to complete your accounting manually will give you more opportunity to invest back into your business to make it better.

Quality assurance.

When individuals are working on tedious tasks, they will more than likely make mistakes. Using programs, those mistakes could be minimized. And with all of the extra time on your hands, you’re freed up to sort through your data with more accuracy. You may even be able to find discrepancies you never had the time to notice before and correct them.

Faster and easier access to reports.

All programs used also have easier access to reports in just a few short minutes. When manually doing your accounting, files could go missing and it could take a while to retrieve older reports. In addition, it is often a misconception that your business could get hacked online. In actuality, digital storage is safer for your organization. It can also allow for you to have your employees work remotely since digital files could be accessed from anywhere.

Not sure where to search for software tools? Here are a few to choose from:


You hear about this software the most, especially by small businesses. It’s because of its seamless integrations with multiple shopping carts.


This particular software is very user friendly. It can be used by seasoned accountants and inexperienced employees as well.


If you’re a small business that intends on growing fast, this may be the program to go with. It is definitely more robust and requires more accounting knowledge to navigate, but is worth it if you are big enough to hire a professional to maintain it.

While new technology can be scary, it is often necessary to accommodate change if you also want growth. It is a misconception that jobs will be lost if you depend on these types of software. But in actuality, those professions are enhanced and provided more accuracy with less effort. With minimal time putting effort into minuscule tasks, your employees and your business can thrive better than you ever could have imagined.