When you think of a loyal company, do you think of a business that prides itself on over promising and under delivering? Do you think of someone who overextends themselves  to cover up failures and mistakes? Absolutely not. A trustworthy company should always exemplify the truth and nothing but the truth.

The best value you could ever set in your company is sustaining a business that you personally would trust. Be a company that is honest even if it doesn’t benefit you at the moment. 

Skip hiding under a mask that only leads to shame and lead by morals to grow successful businesses. 

Giving Well Begins With Receiving Well

In most cases we tend to hold other people to higher expectations than we would ever hold ourselves accountable to. We expect to never be offended, corrected, or criticised. However, we usually are the first one to point the finger. There will come a time when you are face to face with someone that is being truthful with you. They could be giving you pointers on how to do better or be better. Don’t stand in your own way by not accepting that truth and not allowing yourself to grow.

The more receptive you become in moments like this, the more successful you will become in telling someone else the truth. It is always best to lead with kindness and grace. At the end of the day, you would want the same. It’s best to not hold back the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Speaking Truth Is Powerful

Truth is one of the many things that money cannot buy. There is value in speaking the truth because in most cases, lies cover up a mistake. Most people are afraid to reveal a mistake because their biggest fear is failure. That is a mistake in itself! Embracing failure as part of the growth journey should be valued and endured. Getting back up and learning from a mistake can lead to a much larger breakthrough. So don’t cover up with lies. Embrace the powerful truth that is framed by a failure and allow other people to be a part of that.

Accountability Shouldn’t Be Scary

A lot of people mistakenly view accountability as a threat to not being in control. That could not be further from the truth! Accountability is simply ownership. If you are slipping up in certain areas or not quite hitting the mark, bring this to light. When you allow these areas to be exposed, it can no longer have any power over you. Allow people to come alongside you and offer you a helping hand when needed.  

If you cannot get to this point down the road, you will end up losing control of not only yourself, but your business.

Your employees and your customers will be able to see your weaknesses through the lies if you continue to move forward under a mask. Sooner or later the truth always comes out . People will always prefer the truth. “You get what you see” isn’t always a bad thing.