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Virtual Assistants play a vital role in helping small business owners like you thrive. By taking over time-consuming and repetitive tasks, they free up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth. Our team of highly skilled and trained Virtual Assistants is here to support you in various aspects of your business operations.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Virtual Assistants Getting The Job Done

We’re a professional strategy company.

Our vast years of experience means that you can rest easy handing off your projects. We manage our time to meet deadlines and get it done for you.

We have a broad range of talents and skills.

Working as a team means you get the benefit of our diverse abilities. We manage our team and all the moving parts for you. You just get results.

We offer high-level technical services.

Our standard Virtual Assistant skills highlight the broad range of services. Rest assured that virtual assistants have a very diverse skill sets.

We’ve got a mix-and-match pricing model.

Our objective is to get results for you. Set pricing has built in flexibly that adjusts to your budget allowing you to grow steadily and solidly.

Think Of Make It VA As A

“Love Child”…

What You’d Get By Crossing An Executive Assistant With

An IT Expert And A Marketing Department.

Obviously that sounds funny, but it really is true. You get a little of each, mix them up and voila, the results you want to come out. It’s hard to capture in words the unique nature of our business. Passion for your business, true grit and an unbeatable skills arsenal make us a powerhouse FOR YOU!

Success Stories

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, See What Our Clients Have To Say.

Make It VA doesn’t need hand-holding. They will get things done for you. I have to be careful sometimes not to mention something I’m thinking about or they will go out and get it done for me. Incredible enthusiasm, smarts, and get-it-done-it is! I really love this agency. Harness that enthusiasm, aim them at specific tasks and they’re ABSOLUTE GOLD!.

Suzi Elton

Marketing Coach, Marketing Writer Certified Robert Middleton Action Plan Marketing Coach, WOW Factor Writing

When I decided to begin my online author presence I found myself so focused on managing my website and uploading my blog posts I didn’t have time to actually write! I was like a product manufacturer so busy trying to sell stuff I forgot to make any products. Enter the wonderful Make It Virtual Assistant.
Nowadays all things web–related are taken care of, from my website’s design, implementation, and maintenance, to all things social media. What would take me an hour, Make It Virtual Assistant does in a minute or two. I’ll admit to suffering from website OCD and demand a certain look and feel to my web presence, so I’m pretty high maintenance. Yet, whatever I ask of the team is taken in stride and implemented quickly and flawlessly. It’s a great investment, and I can’t recommend Make It Virtual Assistant enough; I encourage you to give them a call!

Zoe Wright

Literature Geek, Storyteller & Blogger, Zoe Wright, Author, Poet

In the past year, Make It VA has been a significant source of support and guidance in taking my on-line Coaching business from its infancy to a solid online presence. Their graphics are amazing! As well, their speed and flexibility have been so appreciated, with my schedule constantly changing. They have a good grasp of all SM platforms and is incredibly organized – compared to me:)

They are a one-stop-shop for all things online. I’m just grateful that I don’t have to think about any of this “stuff”! I get to just do what I love supporting others, and she does the rest.

Dana Pierce RHC LC

Mindset Coach, Dana Pierce

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