When You’re Looking For A

Small Business Strategy Consultant,



Let’s Face It!

As you invest in premium services, you want to know what you’ll get for your money.

That’s just good business. You want solid results—no hype and no vague “promises”. Here are the results you can expect from our premium services.

The freedom to focus on the priority of making money, free of trivia.

While you’re still responsible for everything, but you’ve got help. That once loaded plate is free of the administrivia. There’s a strategic partner in your corner to delegate your projects for creating additional revenue. We make sure that the mundane gets done for you while executing your growth initiative.

An active social media presence—that’s bringing you new business.

Now you have a partner who knows how to get results from social media. Measurable, quantifiable results are manifesting. Leads, new clients, and more revenue are coming in from your social strategy.

A website that is now a lead funnel that brings you clients.

Your time, money and energy investment is attracting new clients. With analytics on the site, you know what’s working and what’s not. The new site has fixed your problems. It has been designed and built to funnel those leads to your business.

The capacity to grow your business with great help.

While busy working with clients, meeting prospects, and marketing the business, you have that second pair of “hands” to turn on the growth machine. A strategy is being executed and you can actually get back to doing what you do best!

Technology problems are no longer an impediment.

Deployment of new technology and battling with providers—it’s all handled for you. We fight for you to get what you’ve paid for without wasting one minute of your time. Implementing new technologies is no longer a dreaded time suck. We make sure of that.

Get a feel for what it’s going to be like working with our company. It’s important to check out how our philosophy fits with your business. Don’t go into a working relationship blind. Here are the highest values of our business—the guiding beliefs that drive us.

Results Are Just Part of

What You Need To Know.


We guard your money as if it were our own.

We make sure you’re not paying too much or buying duplicate services. Our team fights for you to get what you’re paying for when we speak to technology providers on your behalf and advise based on your needs.

Our highest value is to always be organized, systematic and diligent.

No matter how complex or how many projects we’re working on, we keep it together for you. Hitting deadlines is our top priority. What this means for you is you can relax and spend your time making money.

We have a drive to make the lives of our clients easier.

Just good enough isn’t good enough. We strive constantly for a higher level of service. If we are not a major asset for your team, that’s tantamount to failure for us and we simply don’t do failure.

Technology is our growth machine for your business.

Judicious and efficient technological deployment is the key to growth. It’s not about technology for its own sake but rather strategic choices to drive your stated initiatives. Our research yields the best solutions for your business and generates recommendations. From that we implement the tech for you.

Our objective is to be your Chief Growth Officer.

Whatever strategy we’re executing for you, we want that strategy to be growth-driven. The intention is to bring you results—measurable results. If you want us to work on something that may not grow your business, we’ll have a conversation about it. You’ll get suggestions on how our approach could be most productive for you.

Success Stories

Patty has been my bookkeeper for two years now. I can always count on her work to be accurate, on time, and dependable. I would highly recommend her bookkeeping services to any business owner.

Michael J Harris

Owner, Auto Wholesaler

We have known Patty McMahon for many years. In years past, Patty worked for our company doing bookkeeping and billing. She is a hard worker and takes great pride in her work. She has always been a conscientious, dedicated worker. I would recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

Julie Klemmt

Owner, Klemmt Orthopaedic Services

Working with Diana has been a huge plus for my business! Her dependability, attention to detail, and innovation have provided me with reliable service to my customers even when I am unavailable. I highly recommend her services to any small business owner struggling to keep pace with all the demands of running a business.

Roger Hicks

Owner, Integrity Technology

Working Style Is Just As Important As Values.

Get in-depth understanding of how we work

Day-to-day working in the trenches for you.

That’s the essence of our relationship with clients. Before you’re going to trust us enough to invest in our services, you need a complete picture. Nicey-nice website language isn’t enough for you. Our clients want the bold truth. 

You and your business’s potential for growth is our determining criterion.

We don’t work with every client who comes our way. We only work with businesses that have passed the chaotic phase and are positioned for solid growth. You might ask why that is. It’s because those are the types of clients we can get the best results for. Results—measurable results—that’s our primary objective.

We’re undaunted by any project no matter how technical.

This is as long as it will bring you clients and profit. Technology is never an impediment to our team. To us, it’s not Mt. Everest, it’s a challenge to overcome. What we need to see and believe is that the strategy behind the technology will deliver measurable ROI for you.

Expect open communication and being kept in the loop about what’s going on.

We promise to have honest conversations with you. Our team will give you their professional opinions and advise you every step of the way. You’re never in the dark and wondering if anything is happening. Prepare to receive brief emails with updates on tasks, projects, completed work, and the remaining time on the account.

Relationship is our bottom line—we want long-term clients.

Growing your business is fun and gratifying to work with awesome clients who are positioned to leap to that next level. Let us contribute to your long-term results and execute your strategic plan. For that, the relationship is the bonding factor.

Call us Professional Immersion Strategists on your behalf.

That means that—as strategic partners—we learn everything about you and your company. We become an embedded “division” of your company, without the overhead. We learn your apps, your programs, your voice. It’s critical that you’re confident enough in us to include us in making decisions on the direction of the business or purchasing tech and software.

 The Next Thing You Might Be Asking…

“Why Should We Give You Our Business?”

When you’re comparing consultants, you’re likely looking for something unique. Run-of-the-mill services are not appealing. The smart thing to do is compare the Unique Value Propositions of each provider you consider. These are the things that make us unique among our competitors.

Our team has never backed down from a challenge.

It’s our mission to go above and beyond. What this means is that once we’ve agreed to take on your project, you can count on it being as good as done. Some of our clients have said, “You’re like a dog on a bone with these projects”. Well, in business that’s a good thing.

We invest completely in your company’s success. Your success is our success.

No half-hearted measures or lukewarm attitudes. We give your strategic needs our all. Once you trust us with your work and we’re consulting regularly, we are all in. That means we are on your team come h**l or high water working for your business’ success.

We take pride in advising you while keeping your budget in mind.

Every penny counts in today’s business world. There are times where spending big money gets bigger results, but there are also a lot of times when it’s a waste of time and money. We make sure you know the difference and can make an informed decision.

We can handle just about anything you need, because we have a stable group of multi-talented virtual assistants.

With our company, you have a huge range of skills available for projects. Chances are pretty high that someone on our team is an expert in whatever you need. If we don’t have a team expert, we have a trusted list of proven outside experts to tap into. We will manage them for you, so there’s no extra work for you.

You’ll have a “Professional Technology Wrestler”—also known as a technogeek on your team.

This means you won’t have to be in the trenches yourself. You just need to have a solid idea of what you want to accomplish. We’ll give you some options about how you could get the results you want. You’ll understand the pros and cons of each solution. With the recommendations we make, you decide and we implement. 

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