It’s Time To Take Action.

Choose the plan that works best for you

and let us do the rest! 

Choosing the correct monthly plan can be

a very difficult thing to start and implement.

When looking for the perfect plan for your business can almost be a daunting as finding the perfect virtual assistant. You have a head full of strategic objectives that you want to execute, but day-to-day operations take all your time. The business feels like a treadmill and there never seems to be time to focus on growth. It’s frustrating! The business needs you every minute, and YOU NEED to push ahead with new objectives.

Some digital marketing or virtual assistant companies will typically show you the big ticket, all-inclusive or top of the line packages, which is great! But what we have found is that this package is NOT what you need. Most clients are somewhere in-between needing the bare minimum of services to needing it all. The rule of thumb we always give our clients is to not get more than they need. This thought process keeps you on budget as well as keeping your frustration level down by knowing you are not wasting money on things you don’t need.

We have restructured our services based on what we think is the best use of your time and money. You can at anytime expand your package or even step down to the next package level down. We do offer 12-month, recurring packages that you are able to cancel at anytime if you feel we are not a good fit. BUT we feel you will love our services, get real benefits from our services and that we will provide you with the free time to allow you to work your magic!

We Have What You Need!

Our Virtual Assistants can take over tasks so you can focus on projects that allow your business to thrive. 

When you are starting a business, the longest hours are spent on the small, tedious things. Our Virtual Assistants take away the stress that bogs down every entrepreneur. Small business owners are some of the toughest, creative, and driven people out there. You started with a dream and a shoestring budget and look at you now!

But everyone needs a helping hand throughout their life. Make It Virtual Assistant are those “Helping Hands”. With our large array of services we have you covered. This is just the beginning. We offer packages and plans to meet your needs. Our virtual assistants are seasoned, skilled, and well trained. You can count on us to reduce that stress.

Let’s Find The Right Package!


Administrative Services

 Just starting out,  getting your backend processes in place and don’t need the SEO or Social Media plan yet. Ready to let our Virtual Assistants can take over tasks that are bogging your productivity down so you can focus on making your magic! This is your plan.


Social Media Marketing Services

 Social Media management is so much more than just posting to your profiles. It is about engagement, boosting your presence, fine-tuning your target market, and getting your brand in front of the people that matter. If you are ready to start ramping up your social media presence, this plan is right for you.


Web Design Maintenance Services

 Web Design maintenance can be an absolute beast! Stay on top of the WordPress updates is almost a daily task. You are putting them off because you just don’t have time and this is putting your website at risk. This package is so much more than just updating plugins. Let’s take your website to the next level!cus on making your magic! This is your plan.


Website Development Services

We are firm believers that all websites need to be updated and redesigned about every 2 years. Markets change, trends come and go and what looks good today can look dated in 2 years. We also believe more people are going online for their business so if you DON’T have a website you NEED a website. Let’s get started!


The Make It Virtual Assistant Guarantee

We guarantee prompt, professional work that is delivered on-time and to your specification. If you are not satisfied due to VA error, the mistake will be corrected at no cost to you. All procedures, logins, or account information will always be provided to you. Your tasks and job procedures will be documented in a manual type form for you to have. Each client is supported by a backup staff to ensure all tasks are completed and your business is running smoothly. Our Staff Members are all at advanced levels in their skill sets.