Small business startups are happening all over the world. It can be overwhelming to think about growing your business in an oversaturated market. The thing that can set you apart from the rest is utilizing the resources you have via the internet.

It’s bigger than just ad campaigns and making sure your website is accessible.

Here are a few ways to increase your online presence and ensure your business remains successful.


Have you ever tried gaining traction by starting something as simple as email marketing? It sounds much fancier than it actually is. There are so many resources you can use to build an online audience out of your loyal customers. This can also apply to new ones! It’s as easy as finding a program that works for you. Go from there! Add subscribers and start emailing! Schedule your emails ahead of time so that it isn’t as tasking week by week.

Start by presenting your clients with a monthly newsletter. In it, you can provide updates on what’s happening that month within your organization. Announce an upcoming deal your customers can save on. Offer information on a new product you’ll be launching. Provide a break down of social media posts for the week. This will help reach as many of your customers as possible; and inform them via one platform that may not have been reached in another. So many people nowadays are much more receptive to online contact in order to remain updated.


Utilize Your Connections

Are any of your friends that are business owners as well? Do they offer something that you don’t have? Implement an exchange of service deal with them. Utilize each other for more promotion! Within your promotional pushes online, you can advertise their products while they promote yours on their own platforms. Both companies can obtain an even bigger reach together than they have done on their own. It is a classic, “I scratch your back, and you scratch mine” concept. It works every time!

Maybe you don’t have anyone in your corner yet. That’s okay! This is your time to finally connect with other small businesses around you. Even though it may seem uncomfortable at first, it can truly lead to some really great partnerships long term. Who knows, maybe they need it just as much as you do.


Be Consistent

It’s important to stick with whatever works! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. When you find your groove and what you’re doing is working, keep at it. Granted, everything requires the occasional audit. You’ll know to do this when the time comes. Many companies are intentional with setting quarterly audits to stay ahead of messy clean up if issues pile on too high.

Don’t miss an email, text, or social media post! Consumers notice this kind of thing. They’ll look elsewhere for what they need if it’s not ready available through you. Establish your means of communication with your clients and be sure to adhere to it.

If you realize what you’re doing isn’t working, try not to change the whole system. Make a few adjustments here and there before conducting a complete overhaul of your process. Most likely, you’ve already developed an audience. Switching everything around could impact your engagement online.


The goal is to realize that you are able to reach much more people from an online standpoint than you realize. It’s time to unlock this door and see what the internet can do for you. It has impacted so many and has changed the world as we know it.