Kindness can be practiced in more than just your personal life. Considering kindness as one of your business’s values can be the leading cause of success. It impacts the employee-employer relationship, as well as the customer-business relationship.

Learn why it’s important to keep your kindness tank full with these five important thoughts!

1. Kindness Is A Productivity Booster

Maintaining a positive demeanor that comes from a kind heart can lead to a more successful team. Teams that possess this form of leadership display more energy, motivation and satisfaction with their job. This can be such a game changer for your business! Imagine the productivity you can have just because your team enjoys being at work.


2. Kindness Leads To Trust

Your employees and customers will know that they can trust you when grace is displayed. People will observe your attitude through your work efforts. If you react kindly during work interactions and exchanges, your team members and customers will remember this. It can lead to a growing clientele database, and raving fans as employees.


3. Kindness Is Caught

Some of you think that sickness is the most contagious thing that goes around the office. Surprise! It’s not. Attitude is everything! Studies have shown that people can sense your mood from as little as ten feet away. That means if you have cubicles, you’re in trouble. Negative Nancy can turn into a crowd of upset people. But remote work is no different. Video conferencing tools force us to talk face to face. Not many people can hide their emotions, especially when staring them in the face. Be intentional with how you are responding during conversation. And if you’re in a bad mood, think of ways to think positively so as not to contaminate everyone around you with negative behavior.


4. Kindness Exudes Leadership

Acts of kindness do not display weakness. It actually expresses the quality of a great leader. Look out for those who constantly put the needs of others before themselves. You may be noticing the next best team member your company will ever see. Leadership does not mean power, it means excellent character.


5. Kindness Affects Culture

Acts of kindness can create the nature of camaraderie among members of the team. People are influential no matter what your personal beliefs are. And it starts with you as the business leader. If you want to see your team succeed, introduce a culture of kindness by displaying it. If your team succeeds, that means you succeed alongside them.


At the end of the day, kindness is a choice. You can choose to accept things the way they are, or make a positive change by being the one that chooses the positive path. It starts with you!