Independence is a scary word for employers. It simply means to let go of control and most business owner cannot master this skill. However, if you are willing to accomplish this, you will be looking at a fully equipped team from here on out.

Learn how to give your employees the independence they need. This will help alleviate your stress levels, re-create your team’s culture, and make room for people to become proactive.


Practical Tips

Create Culture

A culture that empowers your team will cultivate an environment of trust and make them feel appreciated. You have to actively communicate with your team with an open mind set. Give your employees the opportunity to think and speak freely. Your team may challenge your opinions, but it opens the door to discussions that lead to improvement.

Set Expectations

The clearer you are with your goals, the easier it is for employees to feel more comfortable in their role. If you aren’t clear, how can they feel confident? It also helps them feel like they’ve made a huge accomplishment when they fulfill the expectations you set in place. This leads to more confidence and they will feel like they can handle more responsibilities.

Refrain From Micromanaging

Have you ever worked for an employer that doesn’t let you actually do your job? If you have, I’m sure you remember not loving that relationship. This is not the kind of relationship you would like to have with your team. It can lead to members showing a lack of interest, sub-par work ethic, and even as far as resignation. If this is part of the way you operate, it’s time to let go! Trust your employees to do what you’ve hired them to do. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing most of the work yourself, and ultimately wasting money on payroll.

How To Remain In Control

Although all of the tips listed above show you how you can let go, there are still ways you can do this without losing control of your business. One of the easiest ways is resourcing your team with a service that allows you to track their work. No, this doesn’t mean installing cameras at each desk or activating screen recorders. There are many services that can allow you to monitor each individuals’ tasks and will notify you when they’ve completed each one. If this is too micro for you, do some research the find what best suits your comfort.