We live in a world that tells us faster is better. Longer hours mean more work completed. Cramming in as many meetings as you can is productive. Businesses all over are beginning to realize that this is the leading cause of burnout, poor performance, and sub par services.

It’s time to take a step back and see the big picture! Less is more! This does not mean less expectations or responsibilities. It simply means to realize that maybe it’s time for a change of pace.

The Price You Pay

All of the energy you are spending on “more and more” can seem like the best thing for your business in the beginning. However, what are you sacrificing in order to take more on? You can end up forgetting important tasks, being exhausted at home, lack of attention span and so much more.

The price isn’t worth it! Instead of thinking about what more you can take on, spend time factoring in how you can equip what you are already doing to be better. This may even bring you more income in the long run. It’s not always about what gets you from point A to point B the fastest. The most important thing is getting from one point to the other in one piece successfully.


Your Work Environment

Break the cycle of un-productivity! If you are stuck in the hustle of a fast paced work environment, you may have noticed that your team is disengaged. Studies have shown that employees are operating at such a high performance note that they are unable to to focus easily. This doesn’t leave room for development of skills or attention to detail.

If you are leading your team this way, it’s time for a change. Take a step back and look at what type of results your systems are producing. Is your team starting to lack interest or creative energy? Reduce this fatigue by limiting their time spent in the office each week, or the amount of meetings they are attending.



Have you noticed that your bottom line has dropped? It could be due to the lack of engagement your employees have in the field. This is a direct result of trying to focus on too much at one time. Researchers have found that business owners with engaged staff have experienced a large percentage increase in their income. Not only that, but also in their share price. Those that have the opposite display quite a large dip in their income and share price percentages.

Happy employees lead to loyal teammates. 90% of engaged employees have no interest in leaving most companies. While 50% of disengaged employees are seriously considering leaving. The key to maintaining a strong and healthy team is always making sure they are able to stay engaged and stay focused.


Before you add just “one more thing” to enhance your business, take a second to really think about how this will affect you in the long run. Even though it may seem like the best decision to make in the moment, it can lead to much more damage than you think.