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It’s not easy growing a business

The reason many organizations have a dedicated marketing team is because client growth is extremely difficult and time consuming. It takes a skilled group of individuals to cultivate a following that is lucrative to your business. While the hotspots are through networking and cultivating current work/client relationships, there are other business growth tactics that have been neglected over time.

Work those cold calls.

Everyone knows that relationships are built on communication. The best way to start communicating is to take the initial step to start a conversation. There is definitely emphasis that should be placed on your existing clients. Those relationships need to be nurtured and kept. And while cold calls have been labeled as not very effective, there does need to be outreach made for new blood. And rest assured, when done correctly, can be a huge success.

So how do you tackle cold calling effectively?

Find your niche.

It would definitely be a waste of time to cast a large net in a vast body of water not knowing what lives there. Not only would it be a waste of time, but you won’t catch what you intended to find there. That being said, do your research. Know your audience. Find out where the people you are targeting are. Which social media platform do they frequent? What are their interests so that you can base your content around them? Understand that just like everyone is an individual, so are your clients and how to reach them.

Learn from others.

It’s useless to reinvent the wheel. If another organization of similar nature to yours is successfully tackling cold calling, take inspiration from their strategies. Some organizations pay for leads. If this is something that is within your reach, it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Don’t make cold calling your only strategy.

Ever heard of the saying, “Never keep all your eggs in one basket?” Such is true for the business world. Cold calling is a very difficult and confusing beast. It is not a strategy that comes easy to most organizations, and it may not even work for your business. Because of this, having it as your only strategy could lead to not only stunt of growth, but can also bring an end to your business.