Auditing your social media platforms will help you to know if your strategy lines up with your business goals. You may be asking yourself: “What on earth is a social media audit?”. It simply means to assess the progress of your marketing strategies to see if the response is reflecting what you originally intended.


If you initially started working on your social media presence to gain more clients, but you haven’t seen much growth at all, that’s a problem! Just as so, if you invested in ads to boost the sales of a certain product, but you have lost momentum, you need to investigate. The whole point to using social media is the market your company in the most current way possible.

Social media reflects culture. If you are not fitting into culture in your marketing strategy, your growth will plummet. This is the exact reason why taking the time to audit your online presence is so important.


The word audit may seem scarier to you then it actually is. It is not used in the same way it is used for budget sheets, or employment records. It just requires consistency. Invest in using an analytics tool to track the statistics for you. It’s worth the money! It also keeps you from starting spreadsheets from scratch. You’ll be able to ru a report on certain ads you have run as well as track clicks, opens, purchases and then some.

After reviewing the reports, you will have some evidence to substantiate your next step. This could be anywhere from adjusting your post schedule, or increasing the amount of ads you have for certain time periods. Social media is a crowded place, so you will have to find out where you fit best to see the best results.

The goal is to not overlook this part of your business. If stay on standby, you will never reach the goals you have for your business. Work hard at the things that pay off in the end. Social media audits are one of them!