Many businesses do quite well at delegation. Sometimes they make it seem easier than it actually is. However, if you have been jaded with work delegation in the past, the struggle with passing the baton to someone else is real. It’s still crucial to the success of your business that you give delegation another try.

Why delegation is important.

No successful business is run single handedly. It requires a team of skilled individuals to generate success. Delegation is so much more than just lightening your work load. It helps a business owner determine placement and growth strategies. Through delegation one can see what employees are good or bad at. It will even allow for the task of delegation itself to be delegated during the process of enhancing departmental responsibilities.

Reasons delegation is delayed.

Oftentimes business owners, leaders or managers feel that they can get the job done better. If they find that the quality of work is not up to par to what they believe they will personally produce, they will take back the task. These types of leaders also struggle with micro managing. They believe that the work only gets done when they are overseeing every detail of the project.

If you are this type of leader, consider using the process of delegation as an opportunity to teach. A good leader wants his subordinates to grow and evolve. When delegating tasks, evaluate what needs improvement within your employee’s performance. Offer educational opportunities for them to learn. When people know that you are taking the time to invest in them, they will do everything they can to ensure your success.

Of course, the teaching moment approach can be a deterrent for some. This may very well be the case at the start of any project. However, as time progresses the need to guide and direct will lessen. Your employees will soon be molded into the workers you’ve wanted all because you put in the time and effort at the start.

Appropriate Times For Delegation.

Especially being new to the role of manager, it is difficult to decide what work should and shouldn’t be delegated. Here are some good questions to ask yourself to determine the right and wrong time to delegate tasks.

Is the task small?

Tasks like responding to customer service emails or answering phone calls are keeping you from doing the things that are required of you to make your business better.

Do you find the work to be repetitious and tedious?

We get it. You have a color coding filing system and if it goes off just a bit it can ruin your entire work flow. This goes back to what was mentioned earlier. If you take the time to train, you won’t have to worry about the small mistakes that could ruin your day.

Are your skills sufficient?

Let’s face it. We may want to believe we do the task better than anyone, but is that really the truth? Many people claim they are creative when they really aren’t. It’s okay not to be perfect!

Does the work take too much of your time?

As an owner you feel like you are the best person for the task and you’re probably right. However, sometimes you have to look at your work load and determine what needs to stay or be removed from your plate in order to make deadlines.

It’s never easy to hand over work that is precious to the success of the business you put so much effort into. However, at some point your business will stop growing if you don’t get the help that you need. Delegate responsibly and you will reap the benefits of a thriving organization.