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Whether you have a large or a small business, the use of social media is now considered crucial for the survival and growth of businesses. There are many tools and programs that are available for business owners, like you, to better manage social media campaigns, posts, content, interactions, etc. Here are some of those tools!

Engaging with Consumers


Genuine engagement with the very real people buying your products or services is important, but it can be hard work. Sparkcentral helps businesses have a central information center for consumers to reach out if they need help or have any questions, which helps you to efficiently respond to any question they may have.

Clarabridge Engage

Social media is all about talking to those that are interested or already have looked into your business. Clarabridge Engage is here to help you monitor and engage with your consumers in real time! You can see what people are saying about your business but you can also see what other businesses are doing in your industry. This platform also sends you analytics for your engagement and demographics for your business.

Managing Social Media


We know you are a super busy business owner, which is why Hootsuite is a great way to manage
multiple social media accounts! Hootsuite lets you schedule any posts ahead of time and it helps you look at your analytics from your social media platforms.


This platform also helps you manage your social media schedule by allowing you to pre-schedule your posts and engagements for all of your social networks. It also helps in timing your posts, the frequency and the analytics and traffic of every post.



For those that aren’t as experienced in social media management, WebiMax is a great platform to start up with! This platform helps you build and maintain social media campaigns on different social media platforms. But don’t worry, these campaigns are created uniquely for your business and consumer base so they won’t misrepresent your business.


Whether you’re savvy in the social media marketing world or it’s your first time ever using a social media network, you need to check out SnapRetail. SnapRetail offers customizable ready-to-use content for those that don’t have the time or experience in creating content. You can also use this content on most social media platforms!

Find New Consumers by Increasing Traffic


LeadSift investigates and combs through millions of threads and conversations on social media to find potential consumers for your business. It uses keywords or geographic data that you set that can be specific to your business. This platform is helpful for targeting and engaging with potential new consumers for the opportunity to make them part of your clientele.


This is also a good platform for targeting new potential clientele. Respondology works through Twitter using targeted metrics and algorithms to search for specific keywords that are relevant to your business. This platform then helps you find these conversations on Twitter and directly reply to them from your business.