When it comes to tasks that need to be done to run a business, SEO might be the most avoided or put off. Whether you are intimidated by the task because of lack of knowledge or feel like it’s not necessarily needed, everyone has a hard time facing the facts that SEO is one of the most important aspects of your business to focus on. But as scary as it seems, you’d be surprised at how simple it is. Here are some questions to ask yourself when working your SEO.

Am I choosing the right keywords?

With everything, good research is needed to carry this task out appropriately. Consider keywords that best represents your goods and services. While many feel like they have to spend hours on end doing research for this, if you know your own brand, this task can be done in no time.

Another way to choose your keywords would be to use the most common words known in your industry. Never forget to keyword your images as well so that when a search is done, your images will also pop up. The more detailed you are with your branding, the easier it will be for people to find your business when using search engines.

Do I have the proper layout for SEO on my website?

It’s really important to know where to place your keywords on your blog and website. Take extra care to be intentional on your subject lines, blog content, URL and meta descriptions.


Just one example of this is the URL. Make your url super easy. Avoid ending them in numerics or making them too long. Do not use underscores; focus on using hyphens. Also, as simple as this sounds, stick with all lower case when creating your address.

Is my loading time for my site good?

Speed time does affect your search-ability because the faster the site, the more your conversion rate goes up. Remove anything that may slow your website down. In addition, living in a “mobile” era, you have to make sure that your website IS mobile friendly so that people can access your site on the go.


Consistency is key! Keep on searching for other keywords that might be trending which you can take advantage of. With minimal effort, when keeping up to speed and content, your SEO will stay on target!