No matter what failures may come in your life, you can decide to feel sorry for yourself and do nothing about it, or you can keep going. The best thing to do is make a come back from those failure. Here are a few rules to follow, and things to tell yourself in this situation.

Yes, you can.

This should be a mantra you repeat to yourself daily. Every morning, remind yourself that it is a new day to start over. It is never a bad time to change your circumstances for the better. Even though things may not have gone your way in the past, you can always turn things around for your future.

Plan and revamp your goals as many times as it takes.

When facing any challenge, you always need to develop a process. This should always be your first plan of action. The end result will be based on your goals. If you’re not sure how to develop your process, find experts that can give you advice. Research how others have accomplished the same goals you have. Learn from their mistakes. Implement a timeline for yourself. No matter how many times this takes, you should never quit mapping out your journey to achieve your dreams.

Break down your process.

When you take your processes and break them down into smaller accomplishments, the journey starts to feel a lot easier. Instead of feeling so far away from the end result, you are focused on the small victories. Plan your month. From your set month, you can map out your weeks. With that, your week goals can be broken down into daily tasks.

Keep tabs on your progress.

Do not give into the illusion that there is always time to slack off. Unlike bouncing back from a minor setback in life, time is actually the one thing you can’t get back. You don’t want serial procrastination to be the reason you are always letting yourself down. This is dangerous because the more you put off for another day, the further behind you become until your goal has suddenly fallen so far from your sights that you can no longer reach them.

Be your own cheerleader.

Sometimes it’s hard to stick to the plan. So when you do, you need to celebrate. Make sure that even when you slack a bit, that you’re only at least 10% behind schedule. There is something about rewarding yourself that will keep you motivated and press on.

Ignore the negative talk.

If you always listen to someone that has something negative to say, you will never achieve your goals. It is said that you are who you hang out with. If you continue to keep negative company, you won’t see much positive outcomes in your own life. Surround yourself with other goal oriented people and you will see the difference it makes in your own accomplishments.

Kill all distractions.

With social media and all other technologies, it is very easy to get distracted from your goals. Cut those distractions out as much as you can so that you can focus on getting work done.

Stop playing the comparison game.

No one else will ever be you. There is only one you, so celebrate that. Comparing yourself to others will never yield good results.

Instead of hiding your weaknesses, thrive in them.

Every person’s strengths and weaknesses are different. Determine what your weaknesses are so that you can learn from them and grow in those areas. You will never overcome a problem by ignoring it. Confront that weakness head on and concur it.


Above all, always remember where you’ve come from. It is always a great feeling to know how much you’ve grown from beginning to end. Progress has nothing to do with luck, but hard work and dedication. Be positive. Never give up. Just because you have failed in the past doesn’t mean you can’t start over and learn from your mistakes. When you go through your journey with the understanding that you can grow from your supposed failures, you will never fail a day in your life.