Every Entrepreneur or sales team wants to close on the most expensive sale offer, whilst receiving the most profitable return. This post contains helpful tips that may help you become the successful entrepreneur you strive to be.

Elements You MUST Include in Your Sales Presentation

Your presentation is very important. When a potential client contacts you to consider pursuing business with you, it is pertinent that you take the time to consider how you present your sale.

How you present your sale will determine your clients’ decision and needs to be taken quite seriously. Upon receiving an inquiry from a potential client, take ample time to prepare a presentation.

The time you allot for brainstorming should be used to create a sales presentation to best suit the client’s needs. In addition, the presentation should include three of the most important components that will impact the potential client’s decision.

Present the Value of Your Services Before Discussing Terms

Every entrepreneur should represent themselves as a valuable asset, as well as the best option available to a potential client. It is difficult for a customer to understand the prices of business owners’ services without first knowing how beneficial and professional those services may be. The structure of your presentation should include the following:

  • Begin with an introduction of your offers. This may include simple bullet points, and easily understood services that your business can provide to a client. Be sure to provide solutions to problems that the client may not have yet considered.
  • Include statistics of previous experiences. Provide examples of successful projects that you have completed with other clients that may serve them well. Prove that you are a necessity to the clients’ future provision.
  • Explain what mistakes other competitors (use discretion) have made in the past. Provide examples of how you can provide security that these events will not take place if the client works with you.
  • Give a detailed description of the offers you possess as a business owner. Include real examples of how you can benefit this clients’ current position.
  • Proceed with listing the terms of your services (include individual pricing for partial offers, and all-inclusive options).

Make it Clear that You Offer Multiple Options

Your presentation should express that you can offer what no other competitor can. You can do this by explaining that even though your terms may be higher than most others, the value and quality of your services are the absolute best. 

  • Include free products that can be beneficial to the potential client that another company may not offer.
  • Inflate the amount of services or products you include in your offers that are low-impact for you and high-reward for the client .
  • Be sure to explain every detail of all of the products/services while discussing terms. Doing so will increase the comfort of the client to know where every penny will be spent.
  • Create offers that are separate or smaller services, whilst maintaining all-inclusive services. Multiple options for different types of clients will increase the expense of your sale.

Sell Your Most Expensive Offer

In most cases, the potential client will always choose the offer that is not the least expensive, nor the most expensive. It is important to think about this when creating your presentation.

  • When presenting your terms, be sure to factor in the statement above. Price your products/services accordingly so that when the client chooses the option in-between the cheapest and the most costly choices, you will still receive the most profitable return.
  • You can do this by explaining in detail what each option entails and what the client will receive additionally as the price of the options increase.
  • Sell the offer to the potential client that will benefit them the most. Not only telling them why he/she should buy it, but also the value of how the product/service can serve them. 

Remember, by presenting your services as valuable assets to a potential client, you will indeed sell your most expensive offers.