Many of us see situations differently. Two individuals can read an email containing the same information and each of them will interpret it entirely different. It can be amazing news for one and burdensome for the other. Oftentimes we read things according to the mood we’re in. However, positive people can change anyone’s mindset.

The glass is half empty.

Being an owner of a small business can become difficult especially when your business grows. More and more personalities are thrown into the mix. You will always encounter positive individuals that promote encouragement. You will also experience individuals that bring the morale down. It’s your job as a manager to make sure the positive overpowers the negative. Some people naturally gravitate to “the glass is half empty” scenario. Help them to consider the other “half” of the whole and the many opportunities available to multiply it.

Perspectives vary.

Unfortunately, no two people are going to view a situation the same way. Artists use terms to describe the point of view in which their art is being portrayed. Worms eye view is seeing an object from below. Bird’s eye view is seeing an object from above. If they paint an object from these two perspectives, they will produce completely different images even if their subject is the same.

Positivity matters.

Not everyone has the same positive mindset. But positivity IS contagious. That being said, it’s important to spread the positivity. Not everyone has the same perspective but it helps to share. When introduced to a different perspective, others’ point of view tends to change. Let your colleagues in on the little bit of sunshine. It will change the morale of your entire organization one person at a time.