Shopping has changed drastically in the last decade. Small businesses have had to learn to adapt in order to find their customers where they are. As a result, successful businesses have to spend a lot of time researching and keeping in the loop with new trends. They need to identify customer behavior. Content creation has now become a driving force to attracting attention. They are having to be more inventive in their outreach and relationship development.

What are ways to attract customers?


Gone are the days when people take time to read a long ad. Videos are the new way to go. They get to the point fast and attract the attention far easier than a graphic. Because videos have been trending, they are seen everywhere beyond social media. Many businesses are placing videos on their websites to add more information. This is helpful with the average consumer only spending 10-20 seconds on any given website. Following this trend is livestreams. More and more third party sites like Stream Monkey have taken advantage of the live video demands.

Customized Content

In order to attract customers, they have to be met where they are. If they can relate to a post, they’re going to follow it. The beauty of today’s online experience is that algorithms do the majority of the work. For example, if an individual types in a search for puppies, their overall feeds will be flooded with ads of puppies. Take advantage of this and make sure to personalize the ads you create. When it feels like the ad is speaking directly to them, the chances of a purchase is higher.


Customers will go with what they know works. What better way to convince them than through a celebrity they follow and trust? While most small businesses could not afford a celebrity to endorse their product, there are many types of influencers you can choose from. If your company is local, choose a well known individual in your area that will vouch for your business. An influencer can also be a collaboration with another business or product. This can provide you the exposure you need for more followers and leads.


Above all, be intentional with how you brand your business and product. Because the market changes drastically, be sure to keep up with the latest trends. By using video, customized personal content and taking advantage of influencers to push your brand, you will achieve guaranteed success!