As entrepreneurs we tend to put so much focus and effort into running our business that we may accidentally neglect our customers. The “fail” in that is they are what keeps us in business. Today’s consumer is just as interested in the sales experience as much as they want the product. That being said, it’s important to make their interactions with your business as seamless and pleasant as humanly possible.

Is the customer always right?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is there can be gray area. The best entrepreneur is going to figure out the best way to keep their customer happy and stay in business simultaneously. Strategic customer service is always key. So how do you do that?

Find your loyal customers.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. A customer will continue to come back if they believe you are out for their best interest. Always offer as much as you can to your loyal customers. Provide discounts, throw in free items, gift cards for every successful referral, anything that will show your appreciation to their continuous loyalty and patronage.

Get rid of dead weight.

Here is where the gray area comes in to play. There will always be those customers that want more than you can offer. These individuals will always look for ways to get free services and cheat you out of a fair deal to their advantage. A good entrepreneur will be able to discern when to cut ties with a customer when they are abusing the business relationship.

Encourage Referrals.

It’s important to make sure your customers are happy. A happy customer means they’re going to tell their friends about you. Those friends are going to tell their friends. And before you know it? You’re a huge success! Sometimes this requires a little bit of encouragement from you. Have you noticed the negative voices are usually the loudest? That’s because in general we aren’t quick to offer praises before barking complaints. Not to fault your customer, but humans are normally pessimistic by nature. So encourage them to refer your services. You’ll be surprised how many happy customers will gladly spread the word simply by you asking them to.

Combat negative with positive.

As previously mentioned, sometimes the more negative voices are louder than the positive. It doesn’t matter how much you try. There are just some individuals that will never be satisfied. This is where your positive has to outshine the negative. This is where your happy customers can save your business. Continue to focus on getting as much positive reviews as you can. An educated customer is going to know when to disregard negative reviews.


When you look at the relationship with your customers as a business partnership, you’ll be able to master that connection. Always remember that a happy customer is a returning customer. Returning customers will bring you success.