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When having a business or a blog, we usually need to create our own websites for them. 

It is important that when creating these, we use search engine optimization or SEO. Here’s how! 

  1. Keywords Make sure that every page on your website has a keyword that is specific to it! 

This will help increase your ranking in search engines when people type in those keywords. Don’t make the mistake of using random keywords to boost your ranking because it will simply do the opposite! 

  1. Specific Titles 

The headers in your web pages should be specific and should highlight the keywords that you have chosen for each. Try not to be vague in order to increase your ranking! 

  1. Use your keywords! 

It is recommended that you use the keywords you have chosen for your pages within the first paragraph of your site! Try to include these keywords naturally though, you don’t want it to seem forced just for the purpose of SEO. 

  1. Titles and Descriptions 

The titles and descriptions that you see on Google are called meta titles and descriptions. These titles need to be kept short and sweet because let’s be honest, would you click on the title that has been shortened and looks unfinished? Try to keep these short as you can while focusing on including your keyword. 

  1. Pictures! It is so important to have pictures on your website for people clicking into it! 

Pictures help attract the eye, but also make your webpage more engaging than if it was just content. 

  1. Links 

Use your own internal links to redirect consumers to other pages on your website! This not only increases your ranking and traffic on your site, but it helps guide them to a page they might not have found or visited otherwise. The internet is constantly growing and it is important to use SEO to promote the growth of your website! These are only a couple of tips and tricks that you can use to increase your traffic and ranking on a search engine but we hope that they are useful and help the success of your website.