Learn how to get your ideas heard by expanding your influence. Have you ever heard the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do”? This is not effective! Influence has more power than the words that come out of your mouth. Inevitably, you will produce who you are, regardless of what you say. Influence is the driving force that causes people to reflect your ideas and what you do.

If you are struggling to find support when it comes time for you to share your ideas, it’s time for you to create a shift in the way you approach this goal.

Ask Questions

Asking well-thought questions show that you are invested in the topic of conversation. If a project is introduced and you have the perfect way to produce it, asking questions will get your foot in the door first. Ask the important questions like: “What if?”, “What’s the goal?”, “Why?”, “Will our customers…?”. So on and so forth. Asking questions will get the team thinking about problems. Eventually, you will have a gateway to find a solution and therefore, have the table to discuss an idea. Questions are powerful!

Show Consistency

The best way to earn trust is through consistency. Trust earns respect, and respect leads to influence. Regardless of your title in the office, if you consistently leave your lunch remnants in the break room after eating, everyone after you will do the same. They will trust that someone else is going to throw it away, just as you did. What will you ned up with? I messy break room. Just one small decision made at a consistent rate, ultimately leads to influence. If you want to gain a positive influence in your workplace, earn it by becoming consistent with positive behavior.

Stay Flexible

Everyone goes through different seasons during their career. There will be a time that you one day, have a family to attend to, a house to clean, and laundry to take care of. However, if you’re at a time in your life when you can afford to have a scattered schedule to be more flexible at work….do it! Flexibility is a commodity that is few and far between. Companies value team members that can stay late, and come in early when needed. It shows that you are not only dependable, but invested one hundred percent. This is priceless!

Remain Authentic

Showing up to the table as a masked team player is not healthy. If you are truly a team player, keep showing up and follow your words with actions. If you are truly stretched too thin at work, and have to maintain a facade to make people believe you can handle more, it’s time to take off the mask. Communication is one of the key components to a healthy business. It’s important that you bring your concerns to you direct report to find a solution. If you continue to make other people believe you can handle more, and produce beyond your cap, you will drop the ball. Staying authentic is simply being completely honest. Especially when you need to focus on the projects you already have at hand before committing to anything else.

Influence can take you many places in life and in the workplace. In order for your team to accept and trust your ideas, gaining influence needs to be your top priority. These tips are bound to get you there!