A new generation is taking over the workforce. Gen Z is very different from Millennials. While Millennials have experienced life with and without the internet, the current state of the world is all that Gen Z’s know. Because of this, their views are far from similar. Things are faster, almost instant. That being said, it’s no secret that business advancement in the eyes of a Gen Z should come faster than it has for previous generations. As a business owner, it’s necessary to understand the mindset of your workers.


They are wanting bigger paychecks and faster advancement. In addition to their speedy expectations, they intend to work harder. An average Gen Z lives to compete, being willing to wear multiple hats to achieve their goals. It’s this willingness to sacrifice that supports their expectation of vast acceleration. 



They want to know that wherever they work, there is room to become better. Being stagnant is not an option. It’s a huge fear of theirs to be in a job that won’t allow them to move up in position. A job with tasks is feared. They want to thrive in a position with purpose, one that will grow the company rather than maintain it administratively. This being said, their expectations in management is not just to be given orders, but to pour into them and teach them how to become a manager. 


Above all, they want to believe that they are safe and secure. The generation before them suffered through the recession. It’s not something a Gen Z wishes to repeat or experience. With this in mind, a Gen Z would even forfeit a dream job for one they know they would never lose. A huge reason for this is because they are under immense stress to pay off student loans, which are at its largest in history. 


You guessed it! The average Gen Z fears a lack of moving up the corporate ladder. They will, on average, ask for feedback because these are their expectations. The more informed they are, the better they can become at their job, which will increase their chances of moving up. It may be because of their competitive nature that they will hardly ask for help. They are on a mission to prove they can earn their acceleration.

When developing your workforce, it is important to understand the mindset of your co-workers. It will allow you to place them in positions that they will thrive in. While going into business for yourself is ultimately you accomplishing your dreams and goals, being mindful of those you will onboard is crucial to your success. These are also individuals with dreams and goals.