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The online experience has been bombarded with marketing. Your average consumer has learned to ignore the ads that pop up on their screens and mobile devices. Who even reads email anymore? Despite this setback, there is a form of communication barely ignored, and that is text messaging. If you venture into text marketing, you can make a world of a difference with your reach. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid before tackling this endeavor.

Avoid lengthy messages.

When it comes to reading a text, no one wants to read paragraphs of information. Avoid lengthy messages. A text should be short, simple, and to the point. Use the text method to send brief updates on products, coupons, event info, or call to actions. 

Remember that tone is not easily readable on a text message. Consider having multiple eyes on the message before sending it out. Make sure that the text understandable no matter who is reading it. You don’t want to confuse your potential or current clients with misunderstood texts. 

Be sure to have permission. 

There are laws set in place to avoid spam, even via text messaging. Make sure you obtained the phone numbers you are messaging legally and accurately. If possible, have responses prepped to send to your subscribers reminding them how and why they are receiving these text messages. Most texting platforms have various features/options available to you that will help you in this aspect. 

Provide them with an opt-out. 

Because receiving a text message is a more intimate form of communication, it is important to offer a way to opt-out of this option. Set up your texting in a way that they can respond with keywords if they want the messaging to stop. Or you can provide other opt-out options that bring them to your website online. 

If at all possible, ask them questions that require a response. This form of marketing makes it personal for your clients. If the customer is hesitant in receiving communication from you in this way, a personal back and forth text conversation could possibly change their mind. 

Don’t overdo the messaging.

Because a text message is less avoidable than an email or social media, it is important to be considerate with the number of times that you are communicating with them. Schedule them out sparingly and make sure that the message is important.