In the last ten years it has been proven that women boost the economy. Not only financially but morally as well. Less time should be spent questioning why women should be their own boss and more trust should be demonstrated in realizing women entrepreneurs help in more ways than they’re given credit for.

Women should be encouraged to pursue the dream of becoming the “doer” rather than the “follower”. It will raise the nation’s standards of living. This is powerful!

The Government Supports This Vision

Most often society ends up disagreeing with government-based decisions. This time it’s hard to argue with their stance on women’s financial independence.

The government believes that because women make up 50% of the population, statistically their earnings would not just benefit the business owner, but the GDP as well (Gross Domestic Product). Women also lean towards a different approach than men do when it comes to ROI (Return On Investment).

Social Limitations

There are many situations in which women do not pursue a goal like this because of the social discrimination they would receive whilst doing so.

Let’s talk about how this affects the economy outside of the United States. There are now more opportunities than ever in Rural India. Before this decade, women were only known to work in fields. Now, women are socially accepted to work in Urban India and also respected. Employers are starting to recognize that women add to their businesses and are of extreme value.

Equal Opportunity

It can be seen as of late that most male dominated fields have been overwhelmed with women. Sadly, this was not always the case.

Although it’s not perfect, the business world has come a long way since the women’s rights movement. Not only are women allowed to operate and make a living in fields that were dominated by men, but also play a huge role in social harmony. It is much more accepted nowadays for a female to work as a police officer, lawyer, healthcare worker, judge, and much more. The list is endless! This is definitely something to celebrate as well as a segway to push for more equality.

Women have come a long way, no doubt. However, there has to be an understanding that there is still much to be done. Men still dominate the entrepreneur field. Women deserve a place on that chart! Everyone plays a role in society and it is time for women to take their rightful place in this economy. We all play a part.