Don’t be insulted by the title of this post! Many can relate to the confusion that comes with the “Protect your Software” pop-ups on a computer screen. You might be asking: “What do I need protection from?” or “What’s malware got to do with anything?”. In this blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about viruses and malware and how to protect your business software.

Viruses Verses Malware

First, you need to know the difference between the two biggest threats to your computer software:

Virus: These are typically designed to destroy and corrupt your system and your data. Big Ouch! Even if the results are not this extreme, they do have the ability to slow your computer down to the point of it losing its complete function.

Malware: This is more severe than you might think! Malware is a more malicious and can be a multitude of things: spyware, ransomware, worms etc. They have the ability to gain control over your files, tricking individuals in your database to reveal personal information and so much more.


Proactive Ways To Avoid Either

Ever heard of the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”? Don’t click on ads or links that you or your employees are unsure of! This can come in the form of emails you don’t recognize, attachments in emails, or even just ads that surface while browsing the web. Avoid entering in passwords for any of your accounts outside of normality. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask your tech department for help if you suspect malicious activity. That is what they are there for! To protect you from IT issues that can lead to the impairment of your business. Another unknown risk is a USB that plugs into your computer. Be careful not to plug in any USB or drives into your computer without being absolutely certain you can trust it.


Invest In Your Protection

Don’t skimp on software protection services! It may seem like a pesky or frustrating budget item to spend money on regularly. However, it will pay off in the long run if you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your business. Think about it: How many employees do you have that operate in their field with a computer? Probably the majority! You cannot spend your time all day babying your team to make sure they aren’t clicking on any suspicious links throughout the work day. Install protection services! They will be on the look out around the clock to warn each user of viruses and malware that can potentially harm your software. it is truly worth the investment.