Leadership carries a different meaning for everyone. For many a leader is a mentor or someone that has helped them through tough times. For others, it’s someone they take orders from. Whatever type of person you value as a leader, they all most likely have qualities in common. 

What qualities does a good leader have?


History has provided us stories of amazing leadership. Most have often been considered insane or over the top with their ideas. They initially have the courage and boldness to push further and beyond the boundaries that their associates wouldn’t dream to go. 


Every leader needs people to follow them. In order to be followed, a leader has to be convincing. They have the gift of making a dream come true by cultivating the right people to make it a reality. A great leader has the charisma and the right words to say to inspire anyone to get the job done. 


It’s guaranteed that something will always go wrong. A good leader knows how to motivate their followers no matter the situation. 


There is never an obstacle a good leader is ready for. No matter what happens, they have a plan to get them through, around or over. They may even plan ahead in case of any issues. But preparedness is not only waiting for worst case scenarios to manifest. They will also think past the present plans of action, allowing them to make decisions that will accommodate future plans for bigger and greater things.


A confident leader sees beyond themselves. They will realize that life goes on without them. That being said, a good leader will always look for their replacement. A good leader will coach and train an individual that can be an even better leader. 

Having vision to carry out any mission statement with the charisma to boot are some great qualities for a leader to have. Not to mention having the ability to motivate people and be ready for anything that comes their way. If an individual in authority possesses any of these qualities and are willing to pass the skills on, they are indeed a good leader.